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Christian Morning Prayer

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Vanessa Michele
Yoga and Meditation Teacher
This is a Christian morning prayer to start your day. Bible verses mentioned numbers 6:24-26 - May the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.
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11 reflections
Noticing Other’s Lonliness
Yesterday at lunch with friends as I listened to my one friend talk of lonliness and need, I felt I really heard her by being silent. Reaching out to her for her sake, not mine, to talk of my life, is what she needs. Just listen, be kind, radiate love.
I learned that I need to take things at face value. They are merely words to convey a fact, an emotion, a wish or desire and should be accepted as such.
What I noticed and felt
When I pray my day is more centered on joy and peace. Today I say a prayer to give strength and health to my friend. Today a prayer was answered for my friends Benita and Pete. Thank God for being by my side in times of anxiety. Help me to know that your will guides me through difficult and emotional times. Help me to find ways to serve through helping others. Help me to be loving and kind to all people.
I am so happy to have had so much time with Stephen this week. I pray that things can be worked out but at times I am doubtful that this a direction I want to go in. New love is exciting right now. Being apart makes the heart grow fonder. Could I ever live the life he lives? I feel I’ve found a love that is so strong.
Thank your for that prayer of peace and expectancy. This felt so good and uplifting. Thank for giving the reference of the book of Numbers from the Bible. Wonderful morning meditation to start my day.
I felt like the lord was with me this morning.
I felt like the lord was with me this morning, I feel great and ready this start my day with the lord. Reminded me how much I’ve been post pining times with him lately.
More prayer, less introduction
I liked the actual prayer very much, but not the intro and narrative about herself. I would much prefer that she get into the prayer much sooner and make the prayer itself longer and with the understanding that we’re already grateful and don’t need a “mini-sermon” about it. If she wants to share about herself, please don’t title the audio as a morning ‘prayer.’ Could she take it at face value that if we choose to listen to a Christian prayer in Aura it’s because we’re already walking the walk and just want to accompany an actual prayer and nothing else? — May God’s presence abound with you today.
The Lord’s Prayer
Reciting the Lord’s prayers was spiritual for me. Knowing that myG-d is watching over me and my family
God is Awesome!
Thank you so much for having this prayer available for not only myself, but the whole world itself. I need to hear the words this morning. This prayer put a little more peace in my heart and a better start of this glorious day; a gift from God.
Day 3
Rough session this morning. I will not doubt nor complain. Every day Carries it’s own issues. I will come back this evening to do another session.
The Divine Presence
I just know that no matter what I face this day and all those that are to come . If I fully turn my life over nothing is impossible to accomplish.
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