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Choosing Vulnerability

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We usually associate vulnerability with fear, discomfort or rejection. But when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we can experience the joys of life.
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Take a chance?
Vulnerability is a scary word; I associate it with ‘something could go wrong’. I much prefer the phrase “take a chance”; I associate that with ‘lets do it and see what happens’. What you choose to do, say, be, etc., may or may not have the outcome you desire, but at least you put your toes in the water and gave it a try. I think that’s a huge thing! 🙏😁
Control freak
I am a major control freak, and vulnerability has always had strong negative connotations for me - if I am vulnerable, I’m weak and not in control... I almost didn’t listen to this one because the title totally turned me off. I’m glad I did listen, though. It gave me a different perspective - any time we are reaching outside our comfort zone we are being vulnerable, but allowing ourselves to grow. Next time I want to throw up a wall, I’ll try to loosen up and let go of control a bit.
I worry to much
I worry to much about how things MIGHT go and I need to let myself be more vulnerable. I have been struggling with a choice that includes making myself vulnerable and I am most likely (I need to be honest it’s not for sure) going to make myself vulnerable because of the good things I believe I may get out of it.
Choosing Vulnerability
I thought of Brene Brown as soon as I saw the title of this meditation. She’s such an inspiration! I chose vulnerability today when I participated in a protest for the first time. I nearly chickened out more than once. I had no idea what it would be like, how many people would be there, etc. I’m so glad I went and got to experience the happiness that comes along with being vulnerable and growing because of it.
allow yourself a little vulnerability
vulnerability is a place for greatest joys, lower our guard down, its an opportunity to feel belongingness, love, and learnings. all of our admired persons were once vulnerable and overcome it. i know now and will try. and try again..
Old habits
I've spent so many of my adult years trying to "protect" myself from being hurt due to being too vulnerable. Now I wonder how much joy I've missed because of the walls I put up. This meditation helped me to realize that I can be cautious yet still allow myself to be vulnerable enough to take the chances necessary to feel joy and happiness.
It’s ok to be vulnerable sometimes
Being Vulnerable
At times and with certain people in my life, I do have walls surrounding me for fear of being hurt, disappointed, or being judged. When I am in a setting where I am comfortable enough to fully let my guard down is honestly when I am the happiest. Being vulnerable takes courage to let ourselves fully be seen in the present moment.
Being Vulnerable
That it’s ok to step out there, go for it, and live in the moment. Let the way down and allow yourself to be vulnerable in life.
I did open myself up to vulnerability. Then I was hurt. Now I’m just recovering. I will choose to open myself back up, but right now, I have to protect myself.
This is inspiring
This is the one aspect of my life where I need the most help. I loved this lesson so much I played it on repeat 5 times. So good! Thank you
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