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Choosing the Breath

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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
When our minds are racing, it's so easy to forget that we actually have the power to choose where we put our focus. In this meditation, you'll practice choosing the breath as your central focus over and over again. Consider it a "dress rehearsal" for sharpening your concentration in your everyday life.
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11 reflections
Why I created this meditation
When my mind is racing and it feels like the ticking clock is my worst enemy, I can so easily forget that I have the power to choose. I can actually choose to focus on one thing at a time, which makes me so much more efficient! And then I realize that I have all the time in the world to get everything done that I need to. That's why I wanted to make this meditation. It's training for having a single focus in our lives as we move from task to task. From a recovering multi-tasker, this was an important shift I had to make! I'm hoping it is helpful for you all too, Aura friends.
Focusing on my breath
After completing this meditation, I seem to have calmed down a bit. My mind and my body aren’t feeling overwhelmed and aching. This is a place I really want to learn to live from.
Feels lovely
This was wonderful. I wanted it to go on even longer! Though I'm sure this length is great for people who only have a minute or two.
I Needed this
I really needed to learn that I can choose to focus my attention at anytime. I live with a chronic illness and have much trouble with anxiety. Also my mother who I do not have a relationship with is in the hospital for the third time in six months. She will not see me even though I have tried. I needed to learn this. I will continue to use focus on my breath to help take away my thoughts of the things I cannot control.
I need to train myself to refocus my attention. When negativity takes over my thoughts I can quickly change it.
When I focus on one thing at a time, it’s easier to get things done and clears my mind from everything that’s a mess.
I should focus more on my breathing to stay calm
I realized that I should stay calm and be in the moment and I can focus my attention wherever I want.
Practice makes perfect
I'm learning that the more you practice keeping focus on your breathing the easier it becomes to keep that focus and not let your mind wonder. I struggled with this at first I've always been not only a over thinker, but also a multi-thinker. Thinking 10 things at once. Which is really exhausting and overwhelming. Now I am able to block all of that out even if just for 5 minutes. But let me tell you that 5 minutes a day makes a world of difference 🙏🏻
José Tomás
The power of choice
Choosing where to place our focus is our main power in life. Where we place our focus, we place our energy. We must try to focus everyday in something different, be it big or small, easy or hard.
Clear mind
I finally knew what a clear mind feels like. It's really nice
To not forget
I know that I need to take time and focus a bit on myself but this knowledge stay hidden and I never do take some time to just look inside and help myself. This meditation helped me especially by making me realize that sometimes what I need is just something as simple as drinking a glass of water.
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