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Choosing How I Feel: A Guided Meditation

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Learn and experience how to change your current state of being into one of your choosing - and to maintain this new state with ease! We begin by first noticing how we presently feel and our felt sensations without "needing" to change them. We are mindful - attentive to what we notice - without judgment. Then, in full acceptance of how we feel - we discover the process for changing our state of being first by deciding - using the present tense - to state your desired way of feeling & being. We manifest this new state by feeling how we want to feel now and expressing our desires using the present tense and as we connect with the energy of our heart center. Use this meditation often to help you feel the way you truly want.
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Simple + great
I'll be coming back to this one often ❤️ really helped me change my current mood state, which I need a lot at my stressful job!
Thank you Dotothy
A nice lesson for my stressful day. Busy busy busy. But in a good way, really. Just need to get through this first appointment with my newly assigned therapist this morning. Hopeful that it'll be like making a new friend. My last (and first-ever) therapist was very special to me. But she's moving on to other opportunities. Now I meet a new fellow, unfortunately across town rather than just up the street. I had to seriously open myself up to the idea of therapy about a year ago. I never gave it much credence really, but I DO think, like my mindfulness practice, that trying things beyond my usual comfort zone is helpful to my overall wellness journey now.
Powerful tool
I learned that it is within my power to choose how I feel. Its really simpel but is is very important to know and use. Needed this.
Very useful
I didn’t think that this kind of affirmation meditation would be very helpful, but I’m happy to find that I was wrong. Repeating how I wanted to be and feel today while in a calm, meditative state worked remarkably well (at least for the immediate time) and I’m hopeful that it will continue to have an effect throughout my day. Thank you!
Love her voice
When listening to a meditation, the voice is so important don’t you think? The words spoken, of course are very important but become so much more profound if spoken by a soothing and loving voice. Will listen to this many times. The power of persuasion used for the good ❤️
What happened to my journal entry?
I just wrote something out about my meditation experience, then touched the check mark on the right, and it disappeared. Is it located somewhere where I can reference it later? How can I learn the nuts and bolts of this app? Some parts are completely easy to navigate, others not so much. I just need a good set of instructions before I get frustrated and abandon it. My guess is that no one reads these so this is not the place for this question. And when I hit the check mark it’s all going to disappear anyway. ...Anyone?
Redirect Our Energy
We all find ourselves feeling emotions that do not serve us well at times. In this very powerful meditation, Dorothy teaches us that we do not have to settle on feeling that way. Instead, we can change how we are currently feeling and Choose how we want to feel if we follow these three simple steps. In the first step, Dorothy has us acknowledge how we are currently feeling and any sensations that are present. This first step is important because we must allow our feelings to show themselves to us for us to be able to change them. When I began listening to this meditation, I was feeling frustrated and confused over a situation with my prescription costs. Following Dorothy’s guidance to changing how I wanted to feel, I acknowledged the way I was feeling in this present moment, frustrated and confused, allowing the sensations of tension in my shoulders and jaw to ‘just be’. In the second step, Dorothy has us think of how we want to feel and say it over and over again in the present tense. This is how we begin to manifest our desires. In this particular moment, I chose to say, I am happy and at ease. In doing so, I began manifesting positive energy into my body. It’s as if by manifesting how I wanted to feel, the tension in my shoulders and jaw seemed to just melt away! In the third step, Dorothy has us notice and acknowledge how we are feeling now in our body. By noticing how these new feelings feel in our body and mind, we are cementing this new mindset. Manifesting these wonderful feelings felt in my heart chakra, my entire body now feels amazingly light and full of warmth! Where my mind once felt frustration and confusion, my mind is now at ease! Anytime we are feeling emotions that do not serve us well, we can use these three steps to change the way we are feeling! These three steps remind us of how powerful each and every one of us truly are! We all can Choose the way we want to feel! We can all redirect our energy! Thank you, Dorothy! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I felt refreshed and i glad that i always have meditation to reset my thoughts.
I can’t get by without my meditation ,
I can calm my insides and be able to fall asleep I love my meditations
Mood change
I always wanted to be able to change my mood or emotion to a more positive mindset so this meditation really helped achieve that! Thankyou Dorothy…you never fail to deliver!💝💝💝
Present choice
Shifting moods what serves my mind and body is beautiful. It’s like stepping into the natural flow.
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