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Choosing Confidence & Face Fear

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
Fear is an emotion. When you befriend and let it dissolve, you can choose confidence. You can choose to feel safe within yourself no matter how uncertain the future may feel. Remember fear can be replaced by a sense of confidence in you, in the present moment, and things that have worked out - feeling grateful.
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Cyndee 🌊
Trust & Confidence
Imagining fear as dark gray clouds in the sky and seeing them drift away is a nice visualization and method of dealing with fear. I enjoyed the 7 minute meditation, it was very relaxing and helpful in many ways. I will remember this one in the future in the event that I’m in a fearful situation. 🙏
Walter J
I like & agree with the suggestion that we can Choose Confidence over fear. That is a smart thing to do. I got confused with what he was saying in regards to the negative things he was mentioning!? I must have missed a few words or something. But he finished positively, so all is well. ❤️⚠️🍀
With all the serious illness and injuries in my family, with upcoming major surgeries with my daughter, I am fearful. I am appreciative of this meditation as it does stress trust and confidence, yet allows for the understanding that fear may still exist but hopefully can be diminished. Thank you for this meditation. 🙏🏻Namaste🙏🏻
Choosing Confidence & Release Fear
Now when I feel my fear taking over, I am going to remember that I have a choice. That I can choose to release the fear and to let it go. I can replace the fear with positive things and be confident.
I learned that like happiness, you can choose to let your body feel fear. And like any other feelings, fear is not totally bad, because our body has reason to feel it
Choosing Confidence
I learned that we have a choice to choose fear or positivity. Being mindful is about gratitude and remaining positive! When I am in a situation where I start to feel fear, I need to remind myself that I have the choice and choose to stay and remain positive and true to myself. Push that fear away. It’s ok to feel it but let it stay long at all. This mediation was very helpful as I’ve been fearful of my classes and passing this semester. This reminded me to remain positive and let go of the fear! 🧘🏼‍♀️
Choosing Confidence & Face Fear
Choosing confidence over fear is easy to say...more challenging to accomplish but I do like the suggestion to wonder how it would feel to do so. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and guidance.🙏🏻
Addressing my fears and in the moment recognizing that they don’t control me gives me power over myself.
Fear vs Confidence
It’s good to know an opposite to fear and vice versa, so when I am experiencing one I can either seek out or guard against the other. Namaste
choosing myself
I learned that my posture was weak, that I need strength of mind, body and soul
First time
it is vital to close your eyes, switch off from the world and breathe away that tension.
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