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Choose Your Words Wisely

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
It's easy to forget that once we've said something, we can never un-say it. We don't know who will repeat what we say, or what effects it may have. It pays to choose our words wisely!
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11 reflections
The entire population of the world should listen to this story. The words and meanings should be taken to heart. The words and actions of others destroy lives daily. The planet would be a much more beautiful place on which to live and life experience on this plane of existence would be kind, compassionate, helpful, loving and caring. That’s where I would like to live!!!
Think before you speak
This one is a great reminder of the old saying if you can’t say anything nice about someone don’t say anything at all.
Life lessons
I wish this was a lesson drilled into us from Pre-k. Great story, always a great lesson on the power of your words.
Choose your words wisely
While this is not something I’d do, I learned from the story that it’s not just unfounded rumors that can hurt people. I’ve been thinking of things I’ve said that while true simply add to a problem. One of the things I often say is that people do the best that they can at any given time with what they have to work with. I need to remember that the next time I think of commenting on someone’s fault!!
Choose your words wisely
These truly are thought provoking stories! I’ve been judging some people and making comments when they do things I think are wrong. I realize now that it’s unkind and unhelpful. I KNOW that people are usually doing the best they can with what they have to work with. I’ve just been ignoring that AND the fact that I don’t need to blurt out every little thought that enters my mind!
Choose your words wisely
I agree we should watch we say about other people sometimes I know I say things I don’t mean but I said them anyway. This story was interesting and very good.
Choose your word carefully
This meditation was great! It's always good to be mindful of how we say things and what we say to others!
Old man got owned bye the judge.small child sued old man for words and old man received a life sentence.but on another note this was a good story and it was extremely well told.
I love you too.
Words are so powerful! Love the thoughts and ideas you have in your mind. I chose to be happy with my life and I’ll never lie to myself again. However, I will be more careful with my words because I know they carry on through your genetics. Thoughts become feelings, and feelings become experiences. Thus, one Word can impact future generations, creating life experiences and happiness imbalances in those you love most.
In defense of the old man
I find that after all I've been through, I too am a grumpy old man now! That said, it takes two (or more) to gossip. Regardless of who originated the false stories, everyone who took a part in fabricating and spreading the stories was culpable. The grumpy old man became the scapegoat. That was hardly fair. Now get off my lawn! Darned whippersnappers!
Choose Your Words Wisely
Be aware that your words can do harm. Watch not only what you say but how you say it. And that includes what you say about yourself to yourself
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