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Changing Your Narrative

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach
The stories we tell ourselves matter. The way we narrate our lives can affect not only how we view ourselves, but how we interact with the people and world around us. This short track talks about understanding your narrative and the steps you can take to change it.
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11 reflections
You believe what you tell yourself so take a step back and really look at your self narrative. It is just a story, you are so much more than that
Personal narrative
I learned to be more mindful about the way I talk to myself regarding my capabilities. Events of my past have led me to have the mindset that I am not capable of succeeding, but that isn’t the truth.
Changing my narrative
For the last few months I've been stuck in negative thoughts about myself. If I were to describe these months, I'd probably sound disappointed. While these months/years may have been my hardest ones yet, I can narrate them as my quest in life, as my hard work, as my journey to become a better person. These are not my worst months. These are the months I learn some hard lessons for life. And in a few years they've probably made me stronger, more stable, more aware, more disciplined, more trustworthy. I will have learned things about myself I wouldn't have learned otherwise.
Well Well Well...
i never knew how much i needed this.. my left-hatred is so loud that most of the time i can't hear anything else.. but this seems to be a good start to take step into changing that
Narrative edit
During my depression cycles, I edit my life stories to be negative which deepen my depression. Now to figure out how to be aware and stop it.
Choose your Narrative
The way we tell ourselves our story affects our behavior in the present. You can make edits to your life story by choosing to make some events more significant than others. It’s a good practice to reflect on your narrative from time to time.
My narrative
Exploring my story; my narrative. I have not revisited this important part of who I am. What I tell myself. And others. I am in need of some edits. To put it lightly. It's good to hear that I can edit my story. I know I need to. I think back to talking about my life to people I've met along my journey. The narrative became repetitive. I'm not at all happy with what it's been. How I have presented myself to people. It's inaccurate. I see a tendency towards including traumatic events from my childhood. That need not be included. That's not who I am right now. That's not what I want to be telling myself or others.
Narrating inside our own souls
What we tell ourselves matters. I'm learning to choose more loving and encouraging narratives.
Changing your narrative
Presently I’m working on changing the narrative I’ve told myself. I too, have told myself my opinions don’t matter and I rarely share my opinions at work. Maybe I can make the edits I need to.
Need reminders
I need to fall back on the se reminders on how we tell a story to ourselves; because how we tell them makes a difference.
I have a choice
My narrative (positive /negative)between my ears is a game changer for me. Today I realize that I have a choice. I can choose to respond or react to my life environment.
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