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Changing Behaviors

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Life Coaching
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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
An untrained mind can accomplish nothing! This mindful spiritual journey that you are on, is not for the weak of heart. You have to be willing to unlearn some old outdated patterns of behavior that no longer serve you which takes work!
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My energy can influence others’ behavior
What a great session! When I focus on my energy being positive and throw “love darts” at people, My energy changes. But then people’s response to that may also change. It may change in the negative at first because they want me to go back to my old behaviors. But don’t give in! I am on the right path, and universe will unfold as it should.
I’m day 9 into my journey and hearing your energy was just amazing thank you for your story loved it! Keep doing what you do because it’s having an amazing affect on others:)
I am on the right path
I’m working hard to choose joy. I work in a rough environment. Some days are draining. I have been choosing positivity and joy and I can see it working. I love the story Teena shares in this session. Made me cry!
I love listening to Teena
She is wonderful! I recommend her and that’s coming from a KAREN 🤪😅
Listening to this message really showed me how much LOVE covers a multitude of sins. Not just this but how Teena brought him around with love. Love is soooo powerful!
What a beautiful, powerful, inspiring story! I do believe in shifting energy, everything is made of atoms and atoms vibrate and whatever your faith is, vibration and energy is a real thing. By sending these love darts we have a strong and real protection and we Do change the energy around and inside us. Everything is connected. Thank you!