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Change your thoughts, change your life!

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
We think everyday all day long. Our thoughts impacts our life so take in charge and think consciously to make wise decisions about your life. Change your thoughts change your life. This way you are more in control of your thoughts as a result your actions, behaviors and decisions you make in life. While thinking, just think. Then clarity will arise and you can make better choices.
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6 reflections
Bad days
On my worst days I tend to let my negative emotions get the best of me and they take over my mind and body. Before taking action to these negative thoughts that float through my head, I must relax and breathe and try to understand why this is happening and what is my body trying to tell me.
Feeling at ease and content 💙
This meditation was very helpful in helping me relax and although I did keep thinking about something that I’ve been thinking about for days now, it was OK that these thoughts would come and go. I feel at ease and content. Thanks 🙏 Aura
In mind
My mind goes non stop. Need it to stop flooding which impact my behaviors or reactions
My Mind
In my mind, I always have thoughts racing around, but just for a moment in this practice, I could focus on my breathe. For the future, I hope to be able to go through the entire practice thinking about my breathe, but of course, I’m still learning.
A Sense of Freedom
Whatever our mind thinks, our body feels. Because of this, thoughts are extremely powerful. In this meditation, we learn to be an observer of our thoughts. When we observe from a witness standpoint, we become aware of what our thoughts are saying. Becoming aware, we have a sense of freedom from our thoughts. Therefore, we can begin to blossom into our true self. Getting settled in an upright position, I dropped down into my body and focused on my breath. Inspiring, I became aware that I was breathing in. Expiring, I became aware that I was breathing out. Being in this witness state, I brought my awareness from breathing in the body to the thoughts in my mind. Bringing attention to these thoughts, I was able to decipher between them and let go of thoughts that weren’t of any benefit to me and the greater good. Because I want my body to feel good, I choose to entertain only uplifting thoughts. I am a master of my thoughts. Thoughts are extremely powerful and will control us if they have it their way. To counteract that power, here is a simple mindfulness exercise to try: the next time you find yourself upset, frustrated, angry, sad, or even feeling depressed or anxious, ask yourself this one profound question: what was I just thinking about? By bringing awareness to what we were just thinking about, we gain clarity into patterns of thought. And this, my friends, is where transformation begins. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️ Allowing our mind to just think gives us a sense of freedom
Change Your Thoughts
I’ve learned that being negative and closed minded is the most unhealthy way of dealing with problems; it also isn’t the best way to go through life. For a lot of people change can be very difficult I used to be one of those people always negative and closed minded about new things. Now that I’m older I learned to deal with change in a more positive and open minded way