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Change Your Thermostat!!!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
In order to change how your environment feels you must move the thermostat in your home to the desired temperature and then you`ll get it. Well, the same thing applies to your life. Once you adjust your frequency and your mindset then your life will begin to change to match it! Enjoy!
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I loved her ! Totally makes sense
I’m going to be happy today and grateful for this aura app that came to me on my day 2 of isabody challenge. And from Isagenix Love my culture. I needed this but would not have searched it out Timing The universe provides I love it was faith based too Calling on my healing angels as well as angels to help me with what I find hard , I’m going to stay focused today as well as treat myself to a sauna and a walk outside , I’m not going to abuse food to stuff my emotions but rather hydrate and choose premium nutrition to better my day and myself
Changing my thermostat
I am not a victim! I learned a long time ago to not live in the past. To not complain. It's hard for me to be around people that are that way. Very challenging. I recently had to walk away from someone that is all you just described. I would say, be in the now! The past is over. Or think to myself, stop complaining about the same things over and over! He continued to point out everything I and others have said and done in the past to hurt him. It was always someone else's fault. I grew up with a complaining mother. She never stopped waiting for the sky to fall. Miserable existence it seems to me. I'm learning a lot about being responsible for me, myself, and I. Only me. I can't change anyone but myself. Nor do I try. However, as you stated, I can change the thermostat according to my needs. I can choose to shed that which no longer serves me if need be. I made a big step recently. I'm proud of myself that I finally let this person know in a calm, non- judgemental way that I didn't want to get together anymore. I said that I had stayed in it because I didn't have the proper love and respect for myself to walk away years ago. No finger pointing or blaming. For once, he had very little to say. And when I added that not only would I not be contacting him in any way, but I also added that I didn't want to hear from him in any way either. He seemed floored. All of this said coming from a good place. A short phone call, and I felt like a huge boulder was taken from off of me. I had to be ready, and I had finally arrived. Thanks to learning and growing on Aura. Your lessons mean the world to me, Teena. Truly. I wish you an abundant, joyous day! Oh, one more thing. I choose to be happy each day. And it has nothing to do with a person, a place, or a thing!!!!! I love you! 💐🥂❤️😊
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