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Change Your Relationship with Money

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Shelley Barker
Health & Life Coach
Money may not be the key to happiness, but it can be the cause of endless stress. Understand your current relationship with money and changing it to a more positive one can lead to a much more stress-free life financially.
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Think about it longer 🤔
I just recently made an online purchase that I regret, for something that’s not a necessity. I know I have to be careful and I have cut back on eating out. So what was I thinking. What I learned from this financial coaching is to think about it for at least 3 days before purchasing. I know I wouldn’t have spent that money if I’d allowed myself a little time. It was just too spontaneous!
Money problems
This session didn’t really help much because it’s saying money shouldn’t be everything,but at the moment my significant other has been jobless for 2 months now and my current job is going to end soon and we both will be jobless. This has been stressing me out for weeks and today I panicked again about finding jobs and looking for them. I did learn that one will never satisfy themselves with money was they have adapted because they will want to continue the change, maybe once we find new jobs learn to be okay with it and not want more than what I have and be content with it. However, right now I still want to cry out of frustration for not having a new job for my significant other or I.
Dollar bills yall
This session is good for me to help remind me to budget my $. Money was always on my parents minds but it never really impacted my childhood and I think my parents learned how to handle money over time and taught me what they could but being good with money is not in favour of the bank and the society we live in is all about spending so i have a very difficult time with money. I don’t know how this will help but I did take some points away like budgeting and emergency finds which I don’t have
Ik weet nu dat ik het geluksgevoel van iets nieuws maar een x aantal keren krijg bij bv een nieuw t-shirt. Ik wil eerst dat iedereen het gezien heeft. Geld maakt niet gelukkig, geld maakt het makkelijker om te leven in deze maatschappij
More then a money relationship
As I listen I realized that my attitude and relationship from where I was too where I am with money isn’t as important to my overall happiness or my daily life. Although I see and hear this HUGE conflict within my child who is graduating this year. So I realize my past whoas over money have affected not only myself but those around me.........
I have a negative relationship with money and this has lead to money controlling me. I have a bigger issue with that- it’s time to change and get shit done.
Relationship with money
My relationship with money is rocky. I seem to constantly spend too much. I am always able to make more, but I can’t seem to hold on to it. Then, I worry about not having enough. I am caught in a cycle of receiving, spending, stressing...repeat.
Slow realization
The new item high wears off. I’ve been conquering my impulses to indulge in too much food because I like how it tastes. Now I’m working on buying frivolous items. I’ve made good progress since January but have a long way to go before I have a positive relationship with money.
The more I run after it,the more is consumes me,i do know i need money but i guess that money also needs me? It should take it’s fair amount of my thinking NOT all of my thinking
Walter J
While having to listen a little faster than normal I was able to appreciate a couple of points that make sense. The “new buy high” can be so true, IF you do not show enough appreciation for the purchases you make or did not really need it in the first place. But I still love my car after 2 years and express my appreciation to it regularly (I am a little weird about expressing gratitude to everything, even non-living things) and it brings me even more enjoyment than when I first got it, even though it has a few blemishes & wear marks. It seems money is more easily attracted than pursued, which supports the abundance mindset is wiser than the “lack of” mindset. In the end, money is just a tool or median of exchange. We should be more focused on being of more service to the world and let God & the Universe provide us a return for our service. This allows us to be happy by doing what we enjoy, bringing happiness to others by getting what they need and allowing money to flow more freely. ❤️☮️🍀
I learned that your attitude towards money, can change your money. I am grateful that I am able to have a bank account and money in it no matter if it’s not “enough” it’s something and I appreciate being able to have it no matter the amount
Hedonistic Adaptation
WOW! What an amazing micro meditation! in this meditation I learned that I can sometimes succumb to hedonistic adaptation and constantly chasing the feeling of either new experiences new products or new things to eat and this negatively impacts either my waistline or my bank account. Now having gone through this micro meditation I am in powered and more self-aware every time I am tempted to try the latest food craze, purchase whatever is the latest tech gadget or chase a new travel experience for the sale of its newness
Scarcity Attitude
I definitely have this! Even before my stroke took me away from life, when I was working better than full-time, when I had a side-hustle on, I’ve always felt panic over the state of my finances! I’m working awful hard these days to improve my lot in life though! I HAVE to! My family has basic NEEDS which I struggle to meet...my wife has become the primary bread-winner for the family, but doesn’t make very much. Our lifestyle has changed dramatically! And I HATE it! I’m sad and miserable and stressed out constantly...my family means everything to me, and I’ve utterly failed them!😭 Only now, some three years out of work and finally starting to reclaim some of my health, am I starting to feel more positive. I’ll begin attending college in a few weeks. I’m working to rebuild what used to be an extensive local network of business contacts. I’m on a path to replacing and upgrading the equipment I use in my work. Things are FINALLY starting to look up! I have several projects in the works which will equal full-time work, and my now primary volunteer activity is due to begin with the start of the new school year! So good things are finally on the horizon! Taking even just some of the monetary stress away should greatly improve my day-to-day attitude!
Relationship with money
I realize after listening I am starting to develop this habit of wanting to buy “things” when depression hits me. That joy the item brings is only temporary. I need to re-evaluate my relationship with money before it becomes a negative impact.
It's quite interesting to learn that the less you chase money the more of it you will actually have.
Hedonistic Adaptation
I learned a new phrase: hedonistic adaptation. It is certainly something I have noticed lately in myself and in many of the rich people that make headlines lots of good info here I will have to listen again.
My love life struggle
One of the reasons my relationship is not been successful is because of money issues.
So true
There’s will never be “I have too much money now” . I should start giving it lessser importance.
thoughts about money
learn to accept the joy of abundance. have the faith of what money i have can grow and plentiful. everyone has a capacity to build there own money. reminded again. and guilty. no denying it. need to meditate more for clear mindfulness especially in money matters
Money World
we don’t need money, it’s just another factor in our lives. there are more important things in life.
Mo money mo problems
This was an eye opener to me because I am one of those people that thinks I do not have enough money. I do need to change my relationship with money and I am working on it day by day, week by week. I know with dedication and patience I will have the relationship with money that I want. I need to remember to appreciate the things I worked hard at getting: my new iPhone, my computer, my college education, my studio apartment, my new tires on my car. I do not need new clothes or new shoes because those material items I have invested in are proving worthy of my decision to invest in them. I am also investing in an acorns investing account, an acorn retirement account, and I am blessed with a TIAA account that keeps growing quarterly. I know if I focus on my daily activities and be mindful while doing them, that my money will grow on its own and I don’t have to worry how many digits are in my bank account. My life is rich, by my family and friends. I love my life and I appreciate all the little things that add up to my tremendously beautiful life. I accept me and my personal challenges so that I can overcome them. Every day is a step toward enlightenment and peace, I just have to be mindful during the day of my actions and steps so that they lead me in the direction I want to go in. Namaste 🌸
scarcity vs abundance
sometimes it can feel like there's never enough money even when there's plenty to go around. the scarcity mentality can hold you down and Rob you of your joy.
Thinking about money
Money is never as important as when you dont have any (or not enough!). Remember though, that when you do have money they are only important for they represent. The important things in life cannot be bought for money. And if you focus on what you do have, you will have even more of it.
I've been recently dumped and lately been feeling so much anger towards my ex, but this leaf exercise was really good at helping me ease my mind.
This was particularly useful for me. I feel the “holiday hangover”. A abundance of gifts given, an even greater amount received. I feel very lucky that so many people used their money to celebrate me, I also feel guilty that I wasn’t able to give as much due to lack my lack of funds. I know this is not the point, but feelings of inadequacy crept in. I let those feelings pass and let the good ones in. I am transitioning, yet again, between jobs. I’ve been feeling stressed about needing to find something quickly. Although this is very much my reality, this meditation was a good reminder that money comes from hard work and not luck. I want to use this as a guide to set goals and adapt a more positive attitude towards money.
Very interesting story, though...
The speed of the telling is too fast for non-native English speakers.
Change Your Relationship with money 💰
I learned that I have a great mindset about money, and there is a saying that I live by that speaks to me after hearing this mediation.. “Money is the rude of all evil!” this mediation just shows that all it takes is for us be more mindful of our thoughts/feelings about money and then correct and adjust them and just be aware and change them, that is literally all it takes. I am not gonna lie, recently I have been struggling more with my relationship with money.. but not as bad as I thought.. we have been dealing with my husband being out of work for 3 months, only living off only my income with two kids. (Which I am grateful for my job that we have my income at least.) We got through this difficult time and I’m able to sit here and say that no matter how bad you think it is and how much your struggling, you can get through and there is hope. We still have some bills that are behind but he starts workin on Monday and we lost our babysitter we had,but found someone else temporarily until summer so we have time to find one more permanent, they pay for the babysitter is more then what we were used to paying but I know we will get through it. We always do. This mediation is a great reminder for everyone! I truly needed this. Our mindset truly effects and has so much power. I find myself, sometimes thinking we don’t have enough money... but when I actually stop and think about my life I realize I am richer then I thought and I’m perfectly satisfied with my life and all that I have. I do have some work I can do with my relationship with money, even though I’m not as bad as I thought I was, I could improve some thing. With dedication and patience i will have the relationship I want with money. I need to remember to appreciate the things I worked at getting. My money will grow on its own and there is enough to go around. Remember to give more then you receive. I hope to be able to give back more. My life is rich and I’m grateful for all the little things in my life 🥰🧘🏼
Enough is enough
More money isn’t always going to make it better. Satisfaction is best fulfilled by intrinsic rewards;like, contentment, peace of mind, safety, love, optimism and accomplishments. This session was beneficial to help calm my outlook (desire) about money.
i learned to better understand that i am beautiful the way i am, i am who i am and i shouldn’t want to change anything about me. every little feature i have is worth it and people who choose to accept me for i am are the ones i should keep for life
Relationship with Money
Money does not always buy happiness especially if you are living outside of your means. Shelley gives a few helpful tips about the importance of making and staying within a budget.
Security thru paper and coins
I learned with a reminder of happiness being a form of a financial relationship causing me fog of chaos mentally and bodily and feeling unsafe. When I have money I feel comfort as though a secure blanket is upon me of course this belief is false. I cannot eat drink or survive on just money I can survive on Happiness what I do not have in paper and coins I have in life of me by the grace of GOD
Money partners
The money game is not well understood with those of us that seem to have just enough to get by. This causes us to have insecurities about how to be successful. Sometimes our lack of formal education has an effect that hampers our ability to communicate.
Slow down
Please take your time with recommendations. Please repeat them to give us time to write them down. So much easier than going back through. Thank you ever so much. Judith
Interested to listening and will follow Shelley to help maintain a positive outlook. Money is an area that I’m struggling with.
I’m not the type of person that needs money to have the latest “trends”. I am hoping to find gainful employment soon!
Relationship with Money
I learned that I need to work on my relationship with money. I frequently feel it shame and scarcity. Yet, I have personal freedom that many people would love to have. My home is perfect for me, right now. And is clean, beautiful and is steps from the beach. Who could ask for anything more? And it’s mine. I bought it with my own money. I feel like I should, at the age and stage, have more….more wealth, clothes, things…god, I don’t even have earrings for gods sake! Yet,my kids are healthy, smart, kind and good people. They love and respect me. And that is my doing. So, I have enough. And I will get more. It always comes when I need it. I would just like to get out of the habit of being on debt. Debt weighs on me. So I will work to free myself from debt. I deserve that mental freedom. I have ‘earned’ it.