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Change Your Behavior

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Your Behaviors are defined as your 'actions' and 'reactions'. Your behaviors are the result of how you feel and what you think. In this episode of CBT 'Best Practices', I help you illuminate your thoughts (as the starting point for understanding your behaviors) together with the best practices for how to change your behavior; to be in control of what you say and do, because of the power that you hold to change your perceptions and thinking. This episode ties it all together: your thoughts, feelings and behaviors as the three eminent elements of CBT. Let's dive into this together! p.s. There is a lot to take in, in each of these episodes of CBT 'Best Practices', including takeaway strategies and tools that you can immediately apply in your life! Listen with a way to take notes so that you can turn each episode into the change that you seek in your life! Well done!! Please join me for more CBT 'Best Practices' here! Namaste!