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Change the Channel!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
It’s time for your booster shot of inspiration! If you’ve been feeling full of doubt and you’re ready to change frequency then this session is for you! Enjoy! Cheers~
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Absolutely loved this!! Thank you! I always find your session because I have you a one of my favorite coaches therefore everything comes out. Thank you Teena for another great one
I love this simple step to feel better a raise your vibration it’s something that I truly need it
Sooo good!!
Yes! I'm going to go have a great day! I'm going to swim in the pool and feel the sun on my face and body. Mindfully. Yay!!
Thank you for love and kindness you poor into these sessions ! I have grown so much since listening . You are Wonderfully do God’s work . God bless you ❤️