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Change One Thing Today

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Neuro-Trauma Informed Mindfulness
Identify one small habit that you can change now that will help you to live within your own values and beliefs, to feel better and to be happier.
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I learned that if I change anything it would be my health and wellness I would want to lose weight and look good and feel better about myself.
Reflection - Changing One Thing
The first thing that came to mind was starting my day off with a glass of water. It may seem silly to others, but would be impactful to my health. My days are typically jammed with lots of on the go activities on top of a busy work schedule. There are many days I go with out very little fluid intake, just coffee in the morning and afternoon. Dehydration is probably a factor to my overall fatigue. I’ll work on filling my hydroflask bottle with cold water before bed and sit it on my nightstand. Hopefully that will be a good reminder to start my day with hydration before my feet hit the ground. Time for a glass of water!!
Mindful morning
My best days are the ones where I start with meditation & awareness - this use to be a daily behavior that slipped away - now I will bring it back and be someone who starts her day with meditation & awareness ❤️❤️
Change 1 thing
Good meditation. Considering change to just one thing today. It can be anything. I'm going to create a habit of making sure I include self love in my day every day. It seems I get on a roll and then completely blow it. It's easy to push self love aside without realizing it. I find this especially true when I spend time with a toxic person that shouldn't be part of my life. I am so exhausted emotionally and physically right now from it. It will take me several days to get myself back on track. I'm determined to get there!!
Kept my own meditation and self talk going
I have a hard time quieting my mind and relaxing my body in meditation. However, today with this meditation and intention setting I stayed quiet and focused well after the meditation session was over. I even had some disruptions in the background and was able to just notice and let it pass. I sat in breathing in my intention and releasing the noise that was coming from my negative inner self that was trying to get me to think of all the reasons why I couldn’t follow through with my intention. Today my intention is to take 3 Yoga poses and do them for however long I feel and slowly reconnect with my body and my soul. I have been there in my higher self and then a shift happened and I became detached again. I cannot bring anything to the table when I am detached from who I am meant to be. If I say I love…which I do…then I want it to come from my highest self. That is where the unconditional love and acceptance of self and others truly comes from. That is where I want to live from again.
Change one thing
I will try to reach out to one person each week. I have been isolating myself for a long time and have no network of friends right now
To do rather than stop doing
I started eating too much junk since Halloween. My new one thing is healthy snacks at 10-2-4 (Dr Pepper used to have 10-2-4 on their labels so you’d drink it three times a day). This is rather than planning to not eat junk food. I’ll prepackage to avoid excuses.
I am in MX, end of week1.
I learned/learn each day the importance of presence & intention setting.
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