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Chakra Cleanse Chanting Meditation

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
If you love toning and tuning your body like the instrument it is, then you are going to love this meditation so much. This chakra cleanse meditation will leave your inner world feeling clean as a whistle. Have fun!
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Hold the drums please 🥁🥁🥁
I only made it to the three minutes point bc of the drumbeat in the background. I liked what the instructor was saying and would have liked to make it all the way through. I think I just needed something softer in the background, like the river sound. Sorry not for me right now!
Aligned Within
I feel energy coursing through me as each chakra was engaged. I feel my awareness fully open and almost euphoric. Raise your vibrations with this meditation, I highly recommend! Namaste 🙏🏻
This meditation was a great one to end the night with. Today I did 106 minutes total of Aura, so this was the best meditation to end a day of reflection and healing with. I truly feel aligned and more in balance. I will repeat this exercise in the morning tomorrow to begin 2018 with. Thank you, namaste 🌿✨☀️
Tingling Energy...Yes!
This was great (I just HAD to download it so I can do it many more times—maybe once or twice a week). I’ve been learning how to manage my energy (from a book I’m reading). Turns out, chakra-clearing is one of several things I need to be doing on a regular basis. While there are exercises in the above mentioned book, I like something guided with soothing music 🎶 in the background. This meditation is perfect. It’s exactly what I needed! And I love his voice—it’s also soothing. Thank you! 🙏
New Energy
Wow this meditation has been another incredible experience!! Bradley takes you on a journey of cleansing the 7 chakras through chanting. This meditation will bring new life into your body and spirit. I could feel the different vibrations throughout my body as well as my energy levels continuing to increase. I am full of gratitude for my health, my body, being fully present in this moment appreciating the ❤️ I have shown for myself by getting back on track of taking care of myself. I will be returning to this meditation. Namaste!🙏
Embodied State
Wow...Cowabunga! This is unlike any experience I’ve ever had before in my life! Through Bradley’s guidance, we learn about our chakras and how to cleanse each one of them. After I grounded myself by way of visualizing each in breath and out breath as a corkscrew driving into the Earth. Then, with Bradley’s guidance, I began to go through each of my chakras, one by one, and open them to their highest potential by way of breathing into their light and chanting. Sending these vibrations throughout my body awoken each and every one of my cells, giving me an incredible sense of aliveness. I am very grateful for this amazing experience...to be able to get into this incredible embodied state! I feel awakened and so electrified! Mostly, I feel an overall sense of balance within my body! Since I have now unleashed the energy from within each chakra, I will send it forward into my life and spread it to everyone and everything I encounter! Thank you Julie for introducing me to this awesome meditation and Bradley for teaching me something new!Namaste ❤️☮️🙏🏻😊
Because Cherish enjoyed this session so much I gave it a shot. Bradley’s still just not my cup of tea though. 🤨
Walter J
Wow... I have done some breathing/exhaling vibration work before, but never that intensive!! It was excellent to ‘see’ the colors (which are visual vibrations of different wavelengths of light) associated w/ each Chakras and then chant/hum or vocally vibrate with each Chakra. The vibrations allowing my cells to align with each pitched exhaled level of my breathing. At first I felt kind of like a pot of water as it starts to heat up and form bubbles, but all my bubbles were aligned in formation! At my solar plexus, it got super activated and it felt more like a hive of bees swarming around inside me. I seem to be super in-tune with heart & throat Chakras as my power got more organized and focused. While my voice did not quite get up to the higher ‘a’ or ‘aum’ pitches,the colors got more intense and my humming lasted longer. I did appreciate him saying it does not have to be perfect, but keep vibrating, so I did. The finals ‘ohms’ really brought the energy down through my open and cleansed system and has made me ready for a powerful day!! Thanks Glenn (love the visual on the cover page) Julie & Cherish for the lead to this & Matthew for trying - love you brother! Namaste... 💟 💜 💙 💚 💛 🧡 ❤️
I figured that there MUST be a reason that this session kept inserting itself into my Aura life via the tribe (Walter? I'm looking in YOUR direction!) so I gave it my all this stressful morning. Full intention. Full attention. What I learned? My big ol’ barrel chest can cause resonance throughout my entire body when chanting to Bradley’s direction! Also, going through this whole session, dreged up a distant memory for me! Once, long long ago, I somehow ended up referred to try and help a fellow living out in the high dessert to the far east of Los Angeles. Cannot recall the who or how of the referral, but I made the LONG drive out to meet with him. An older gentleman, shall we call him ”rustic” in all things? He insisted on my joining him in somewhat of a meditation session. I think he was trying to be certain that my thoughts and energy could align with him and his. Then, like now, I was likely quite blocked to his attempts to reach me, cleanse me. As I think further on this memory, I'm feeling quite uncomfortable, actually!
I agree
I agree with Matthew. My meditations are soft and inviting (like an open door, “Come on in, my friend”). The music is incredibly distracting. Don’t want a production. Only calm and peace.
This was really cool and I feel really good! I have never done a chakra cleansing meditation before and i really enjoyed it and feel amazing. Highly recommended!
This was incredible. Will definitely do again.
I can't do the chants for as long as I want to but this will come
I have done this a few times and love it. I truly felt lighter and less stressed. This is one of my favorite ways to start my day.
I have never been one to meditate but as my life has been changing so drastically spiritually I figured I would give this a try. I’ve been feeling super blocked and thought this would help me become rebalanced. I have never in my life felt at such peace in such a short amount of time. Not even just that but I felt so much pressure in my forehead and head. I think that’s where the cleansing was the strongest. As I had my eyes closed at he very end I could see this window and it was starting to open. I can’t wait to see what lovely things are in store as I move forward but I will definitely be doing this one again 🙂
Dear God that was amazing
I feel like I’m glowing after that! Needed this in my life. Thank you🙌🏽
So Powerful
This was exactly what I needed, right here, right now. All day I’ve been struggling to focus, my head began to hurt and my anxiety was rising. It’s been a couple months since my last reiki session and I could feel that my chakras needed some love and nourishment and this meditation did just that. At the end I felt a bright light shine upon me, as if a door was just opened, my smile and heart grew bigger in that moment. I am so thankful for this practice and beyond grateful for these experiences.
I love this chanting meditation so much, I would love to do this every day
I felt a peace. One with myself and soul
I learned that taking just a few minutes out of your day helps with everyday mishaps, focus I am happy to have you apart of my journey to self discover as I unlearn and re-learn my purpose thank you 💛
Chakra Cleanse
I absolutely loved this! This is by far one of my favorite chakra cleansing techniques. The vibrations used within the chanting by voice was incredible. I am buzzing with energy!!
I felt tingly, in my heels and hands
I cannot stop myself thinking but I can park it, just for a little bit x
Chakra meditation
I felt tingling in my left heel, my head kinda hurts: forehead/crown, feel peaceful
I sensed the chakras more viscerally than I have before. This brought together what I’ve experienced through my parents and my readings. Thank you.
I felt my power for the first time in a long time. It was visceral and emotional, yet centering and calming. It was amazing.
Chakra meditatiom
Today I learned for the first time how to utilize vocals to balance and cleanse ,t chakras during meditation. It felt wonderful as the vibrations intensified through my body. I am grateful for this moment and the magic within✨🥰
I feel
Calm, protection(Ed),Powerful-energy’s within,love,positivity,open and cleansed chakras, feeling aligned,feeling unstoppable.
I felt so unbalanced this morning. After a chakra chanting session, I feel so aligned with the universe. When alignment is present, clarity is present.
First meditation on the app
You can feel relaxed even when you are uncomfortable. I learned that I don’t have to be “perfect” to be perfect. Mistakes are a part of being perfect. Flaws are what make us people.
Feeling so grounded and present
I am feeling balanced and grounded now. I’m ready to tackle what ever the world throws my way 💖💖 I learned the chant sound for each chakra to help clear in the future. 🙏🏻💖
Went in trance
Went in trance with meditation in each chakra letting go being more present
Amazingly grounded
Amazing! So connected , so grounded , almost in trans! Thank you so so much!
I learned that it was really hard to release my throat chakra. I defintly have some more work to balance and clear this area in my body. I did feel really rooted to the ground although tense in some areas. Will be doing this mediation a few more times i think.
After completing this task for myself. I felt as though I left my body. I knew I was physically there but my consciousness was elsewhere. I have never felt this relaxed in my entire life.
This I will definitely download and do everyday! I feel not only focused, love, and full. I feel like I went outside myself and healing the inner turmoil I have within. I was able to see some mixed feelings and understand maybe not fully but see where I can work on next! If I do this everyday, I know I can work more on my PTSD, anxiety and depression! Best I have felt in a long time internally.
I learned that WOW meditation didn’t have that much POW!!! What a magnificent session!! I have 3 things wrong with my shoulder including a large chip off of it and a torn rotator cuff that require surgery. That area was all lit up and no more pain!! Thank you!!
I placed a crystal corresponding to each chakra while laying in my room with many candles lit and after creating a sacred space. My entire body at the end was vibrating. I felt myself grounded and in the present moment more than I ever have.
Felt very relaxed and enjoyed the moment
Mindfulness is important and necessary for me to slow down and be in the moment
I felt
I felt amazing energy!! Loved this so much ❤️🙏🏼 I truly enjoy chanting, I used to chant years ago. I can’t believe I stopped. This brought me back , thank you
I felt my soul leaving my body. Especially at the crown chakra, I found myself screaming. I intend to do this at the beginning of each week, is this okay?
I learned to bring myself back once I was getting distracted. It’s my first time so it was a bit difficult to envision the colors of the different chakras but not bad
Divine journey. Extremely grateful for this wonderful experience.
Chakra Cleanse Chanting Meditation
It was very energizing and enlightening. Keeping my breathing in check while the envisioning of my Chakra points as well as vocalizing was very rewarding.
I felt absolutely amazing and astonished by the results. Its a great feeling when your cleansed
I learned the 7 Chakras and the cleansing of them promotes a healthy you. It's excellent no negativity will matter from this point forward! Thank you Soo much!
Nope. I’m not made for this. In a bad place and can’t shake it
In a bad place and this made it worse Negativity swirls that won’t let go. Panic. Anxiety.
I absolutely love this meditation! One of my all time favorites! I usually cry afterwards after unblocking an area or two! Not today! Did it and no tears! It still feels amazing!
I appreciate your honest expression in how you feel I hope you keep checking in here, I get in that place a Lot!!
When I take the time to breathe and appreciate my body, i can Love myself more.
I felt connected to something greater than myself! I felt a ton of vibrations as though I was a silhouette with multi colors around my body
I learned to connect with my body. And release negative energy I also felt lighter n more powerful n hopeful
Marques Pizarro
Finding Myself
I learned that we all have a purpose. We have significance. Through each vibration, chant, and chakra I felt more energetic, abundant, and grateful. More importantly, I feel like I found myself. I understand who I am and what I believe in.
I felt lighter and grounded at the same time... I felt free and connected. One of my favourite meditations so far thank u
Felt strength and resilience afterwards, felt more focused. Love the music and the chanting. Find this one extremely beneficial thank u
I feel grounded
I feel the energy of each chakra awakened and each chant vibrations in each chakra!
I Felt it all
I saw the colors. I saw the colors flowing off my body. Everyone needs this!
What a beautiful practice
Wow what a beautiful practice. Before I started it I felt empty. As the meditation began I felt and saw the lights fill. Afterwards I feel heavy but with love, light & gratitude and thankfulness. I feel grounded and full.
Canan Akça
Best experience ever...
I felt so empty when I started and now I feel the beauty everywhere. Wow?
With every step of the sequence I could identify and release thoughts and energies that do not serve me. Acknowledging my current status and creating the new ideal feeling. Changing the colors in your mind eye with your thoughts, alway wants to be lavender, lilac. I remember you; the universe, consciousness, all’s existence. There was moments where I could see the energy and movement, recalling the fractals that taught be so much. Those that released me into the universe, striped me of my identity, and gave me knowledge. I am grateful. Why’s it gotta be static
I have found that I have a very complex relationship with sounds. They can bring me such peace and joy; articulating such sounds with my own voice was deeply nourishing. Thank you 🙏♥️
I felt so in love with life, connected to myself and the universe… an amazing energy and a true smile❤️
This was a stretch for me,
but it’s like “yoga for the 🧠!” Yes, I’m “practicing” that, as well. I think this tired old body is gonna get fit before my brain, but I am 💃 as fast as I can. 😊
Felt relaxed
This chakra meditation helped me to be grounded in the here and now. To be grateful for all that’s around me.
This was a first listen for me, I will not judge and listen to more before I decide if this is for me
Chakra cleanse
Very powerful Focussing on the distinct parts of the bodies with the colour visualisation and the sounds/vibrations. The 3rd eye felt like it was actually opening up. Very vivid and different experience.
I practiced self reiki along with this meditation and loved the guidance and music, thank you!
Ook onaangename geluiden juist goede dingen kunnen losmaken
En dat ik me op mezelf moet richten. Jammer dat de omschrijving langer moet van de app, want dat haalt de kracht eruit.
Sending love to you all. You are the energy creating your experience. Create a world of love.
I noticed how much tension I was holding in my body and how good it felt to release it
I learned that I can come back to myself whenever I need to regardless of my emotions
Chanting is amazing!
It makes so good to just unleash your voice and use it. Such an amazing feeling at the end of this meditation! Thank you so much, Bradley!
A staple
Bradley, I return to this practice often, as well as the longer version. So powerful! So effective! THANK YOU!!!
I am smiling and I am weepy. Being back to daily meditation after several sad, demanding years is a huge gift and this chakra work was incredible. It wasn’t really work, it was a joyful expression of who I am. Cue the Pointer Sisters(for those old enough): I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it). Thank you, thank you.
Marques Pizarro
Alive and Blessed
I feel more at peace, present, and happy after being in this meditation and chakra session. I look forward to the day, to life.
‘Staying shiny’
I am deeply grateful for all the creativity and effort that has gone into bringing such a wonderful piece to us all. I will continue practicing this regularly. Many blessings to the creator(s). Namaste!!
Walter J
What a great way to get in tune with your True (Higher) Self!! Bradley has us get in touch with our bodies thru our breath and then takes us up all 7 Chakras cleaning them out by vibrating our breathe at the tone of each Chakra. Amazingly effective! I visualized everything that was not useful to me at each Chakra center loosening & getting vibrated off & away from me as the great cosmic breathe blew it away into the abyss. Leaving just the Real me intact & cleansed. Such a great feeling! I am ready for a day of aligned action! Thanks Bradley for this recharging & cleaning session! Vibrate on…!! 💚👍🏼🍀
Felt all the feels with this one ♥️
I feel touched after that amazing meditation. I’ve never experienced such internal movement in my Being that varied in frequency, duration, and magnitude. Starting from my root chakra, my breath flowed with ease until I got to the sacral chakra where I felt tightness and shortness in my breath, and simply let it be what it was, observing, and noticing what it was, and how it made me feel. And then I felt it loosen up around my throat chakra. It opened right back up again at my crown, and I felt a white light pour all over me like sunshine on a cloudy day. The feelings that arose throughout this meditation have surpassed anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. This was touching, moving and life-changing. I feel awake, aware and alive. I can’t wait to do it again. Thank you for this beautiful practice. Going to go look for part one. Peace, love and light all. ♥️
Angela Marie
A Beautiful Expression of Compassion and Love.
At a time of increasing pressures and fears of speaking my truth. 💜Thank you
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