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Chakra Balancing Meditation for Sleep

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Reiki with Anna ASMR
Reiki Master & Mindfulness Coach
Join me for this guided meditation from my Reiki room, walking you step-by-step through a Chakra Balancing session for deeper, more rejuvenating sleep. This binaural meditation is a sensorial experience for healing and alignment.
From the community
4 reflections
Walter J
Excellent session to end my day & vacation with! Anna Does a tremendous job putting you at ease, relaxed and safe while anticipating a wonderful session. She explains it so well I literally felt like I was in her Reiki room!! I could feel her moving over my body and making her way thru my Chakras… it was surreally satisfying. Re-energized and charged up and then she fluffed & fluttered my outer energy field into a protective coating around me and I was good to go!! Thank you for refilling me with love energy Anna!! Namaste ❤️🌟🍀
Thank you, so appreciative of Anna
I manage my life better Bc Anna has become a constant voice and source of wellness for me. Authentic.
From sick to sleeping
I didn’t feel well and usually a nap helps so I put this track on and put my phone under my pillow, and the next thing I knew it was three hours later and I felt better. 🥰
I felt peaceful
I learned the value of the present I am learning the chakras