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Chakra Alignment To Release Stress

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Reiki with Anna ASMR
Reiki Master & Mindfulness Coach
If you are feeling anxious or stressed this is the perfect meditation for you. This is all about finding inner balance in times of stress or tension. We will be doing a body scan, Chakra alignment, and some breath work to heal and balance your energy field. Hope it helps!
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Today I was very wound up and bouncing from one thing to another. Trying to get everything finished and ready for my trip. Money stressors a very much present as my overtime was not on my cheque, I felt like a burden to travis as I am incapable of making him proud with the amount I work or the amount of money I make. This chakra combo really put me at ease and brought me back to my centre. This is my fav so far. Thank you
Today I was feeling anxious and worry . I was triggered by something someone was speaking to me about I lost my focus and felt tense and edgy Almost like in a fog unable
To stop my thoughts. After doing this meditation and learning about the chakras I have settled and feel calm and less anxious. I can focus. My thoughts are just thoughts. I need to focus on the present, the moment not the past or past events. They are over and not in my control. I do not need to control them. I just need to be and accept my thoughts. No judgement, no stress and love me.