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Centering Ourselves

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
When thoughts fueled with emotion pull us away from where we want to be this meditation will help us to return to the center, to the core of who we really are.
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Important belief foundations for life
I learned that mindfulness was about remembering and being reminded of what I already know. It was not about focusing but it was about refocusing and bringing the wondering mind back into focus. I was reminded that I am the eye of the storm. The events and things around me can seem out of control, moving around me and acting like a storm. However it’s when I remain calm and refocus my mind and concentrate on my breathe in the center of that chaos, I will sustain and move forward to the next day in the epic storm I call life.
Yesterday I told my ex my plan for the future. It does not include him. Someday when the time is right, a bumblebee, lady bug, and sweet pea will be a family of three. Eventually B will be adopted by B. My light, hope and love will be true. It will be the greatest love story for me. For now, I know my hope is centered along my spine. Each time I think all hope is lost, I just have to visualize light running down my spine.
I felt that as I sunk down and focused on nothing but myself and like “being” in myself. Inside me it’s empty while the outside world is constantly chaotic. I realized that I could really put myself into a “space” where I don’t have to worry about the outside space at all
Calm and Heavy
I sat and felt every inch of my body, paying attention to only what is around me and what is me. I felt all thoughts disappeared and I felt my body get heavy, I really felt my limbs and the anxiety in the pit of my stomach leave. I felt like my mind was cleansed and I was finally able to go into “my happy place” in the corner of my mind.
Too busy to meditate
Started this lesson tonight even though I was supposed to be doing color correction on my eldest daughter’s latest painting to have it printed tonight so we can frame it to hang at the art gallery for the upcoming ”First Friday” event in our old town district tomorrow. Didn't really pay enough attention to the lesson to get anything out if it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
staying centred
It is possible to come back to this calm. Step out of the storm.
Centering yourself
Today we concentrated on the center of our body. Remembering that we can always come back to center with focus and the breath.
Walter J
Very powerful meditation for me today. She had me seeing/feeling my Chakras aligned along my center axis. Spinning, throbbing and meshing in perfect synchronicity with each other. My whole Being being re-energized and glowing brighter with each breathe I took. Energy pulses pumping along this axis, neuron connections sparking, things spinning and lights shining... It felt fun & exciting like a summer carnival midway in my body!! A couple ideas came to me and I was able to note them and then get back to the visual fun with her suggestions. Somehow I feel both re-laxed & re-charged with a smile on my face... ❤️☯️🍀
Bright Light
I allowed the chaos of moving and the holidays pull me away from my mindfulness practice. This centering meditation was exactly what I needed to reconnect with myself and the divine. At the end I saw a warm, bright light glowing from my chest, and I know this is where I’m supposed to be.
Turmoil to peace
11/8/21 I can come to a peaceful place by not only concentrating on the breath, but to invision the energy of my spine.
I needed to center myself. This was really grounding for me. Great meditation.
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