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Center Yourself Meditation

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
Centering is a vital ability especially during times when we are challenged with a great deal. When we feel centered we feel like we have more resilience to deal with challenges. When a great oak tree is deeply rooted it has the ability to stay connected throughout high winds. This is our practice, to find ways to be deeply rooted in our own being.
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Finding Our Stable Base
Because storms will come rolling in to shake and disrupt our life, finding ways to be deeply rooted in our own being is a vital skill to develop. In this profound meditation, Cindy gives us ways to build up our ability to be resilient so we may weather any storm that comes our way. There has been some very traumatic events happening around me this past week or so. Finding myself in auto pilot here and there, reacting unconsciously rather than consciously responding, words have been said and actions have been done that, in hindsight, just made matters worse. Realizing that I’ve allowed these storms to disrupt my being, finding ways to be become deeply rooted in my place of peace and happiness, my being, is imperative to develop for my overall well-being. Along with sensing my feet firmly on the floor, I brought awareness to the parts of my body that made contact with the chair I was sitting on and visualized them as roots growing deeply in the earth. Feeling more stable, I brought awareness to my breath in my solar plexus area. Activating this brilliant yellow light by breathing into this area, I felt more at ease. Unfortunately, that ease didn’t last long as when I brought awareness to my heart, I immediately felt sensations of tightness and heaviness. Thoughts of those traumatic events began swirling in my mind. Continuing to allow Cindy’s voice to guide me, I began breathing in love and compassion into my heart. Breathing into my heart, I heard wisdom come through, giving me some understanding about these past traumatic events as well as one that is to come. Knowing that this very difficult decision isn’t mine to make, I must put my trust in the person making it and the process as a whole so I do not needlessly suffer more. Bringing awareness to my throat and neck, I breathed kindness in so I may speak with grace. Bringing awareness to my face, temples and head, my eyes relaxed in their sockets and my jaw unlocked. Bringing awareness to my entire body, I felt peace, love, compassion, understanding and kindness. Centered in these beautiful sensations, I felt that brilliant light within my being go from dimming to shining. I am now deeply rooted in my being. Thank you, Cindy! I will definitely be using this centering technique from now on so I may be like the mighty oak tree and weather any storm that comes my way. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Grateful for the present
I felt truly blessed & connected to my heart Centre. Gratitude for the present moment & my body, mind, spirit n soul!
I felt stress free after this meditation. It was wonderful and I hope to carry this feeling throughout my day!
Awareness of breath. I feel grounded. I feel open and centered. I almost fell asleep. So relaxing.
Breath constructing calm
How many Lovely centers or points of calmness can I visit up and down my body with my breath hands resting on heart and abdomen toes growing roots. Even if I think of the space I shared with other people today whether we were aware of each other and that we share the same air
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