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Cellular Energizer Meditation (YOUTH)

6 Min
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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
Learn the power of breath to clear your mind, energize your body and awaken your cells. This is a short, but powerful breath practice that can be used anytime of day that you're feeling a dip in your energy levels. It's best to practice sitting down when first learning this one. If you feel light headed or dizzy during it, just ease off on the breath and then continue when you feel ready. Always listen to your own body. Have fun!
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11 reflections
This was really
Nice! Won’t you please join me in breathing in? Thanks, and have a Groovy day! & now, I’m going to meditate to coffee.... ☕️☯️🐝☮️☕️
Ready, Set, Go
Exhilarating breathing session to get my blood pumping to wake my body up. I am feeling energized, inspired, and grateful for another day.
The Shift
Every one of us can use the power of our breath to shift our energy levels. In this very effective meditation, Bradley guides us through a powerful breath technique that fills our body with aliveness and thus, boosts our overall well-being. Settling in my chair, I became aware of my breathing. With a smile on my face, I thanked my Source for having this body of mine. Visualizing a golden light entering my body with each in breath, I awakened to new energy. With each out breath, I gave any energy within that no longer served me back to the Earth to be recycled and renewed. After a few breaths of this energy exchange with the Earth, I felt grounded and renewed. Following Bradley’s guidance, I began to his energizing breath technique, the three part inhale, pause and hum on the exhale. After a few rounds of doing this energizing breath, I felt a dramatic shift in my energy levels. Breathing normally as I sat in this new electrifying space I had just created, my cells awakened and buzzing with aliveness, I couldn’t help but have a smile on my face and a heart filled with gratitude! Our breath is always with us, happening in the background of our lives. When we become conscious of our breath, we create a space of Presence. It is within this space of Presence where we can do breathing techniques, such as this electrifying breath, where we can create a shift in our energy levels. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Feeling Pumped
Excellent session to circulate new life force sustaining energy into your body. This was the perfect addition after doing yoga to continue to wake up my mind, body, and spirit which is now radiating with positive energy. Thank you Aura for suggesting this one for my daily moment. It was exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend this session if you are feeling sluggish.
On Settling
I learned that there are too many people on the planet to give your autonomy for the acceptance of a few. I learned that being with the wrong person/people is more lonely than being alone. I learned that if you settle you short change yourself. Really for anything: it starts with the small things—bad coffee, cheap shoes, greasy food, and the next thing you will take anything/anyone handed to you. I learned that power of waiting. Even for something that may never happen. Because average is guaranteed anyway. So why not just wait.
The feeling of a surge of energy and peace wash over me just after a workout session was invigorating. A great technique for clearing the mind while bringing awareness to the body and the breathe.
Cellular level
Felt every cell in my body vibrate and excite. It was a great session. The 3 in 1 out was great as well.
It helped
I was really like “worried” in my body. This made my body calmer.😍
Cellular body
I feel relaxed. I just need to do this longer than the time allotted! On repeat!
Sunday feel
I feel with good energy and good attitude towards life. Must keep throughout Sunday
It took a little bit to get in the rhythm of the breath but once I did it was great. I am energized and happy. I really, really like this meditation. It short but powerful. Bradley, thank you for the fine work that you do. I appreciate that it is available to me. ✨