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Celebrating Ourselves Everyday

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Life Coaching
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Lisa Hopkins
Certified Professional Coach, PCC ELI-MP
Why do we set the bar so high for others to celebrate us on our birthdays and so low for celebrating ourselves? Why can’t we believe that we deserve to be celebrated the other 364 days of the year? How can we expect others to celebrate us if we don’t celebrate ourselves every day? This short story will help reframe situations where we are attached to an outcome and remind us that life is truly what we make it.
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Thanks my, myself and I all needed that.... I'm pretty share we subscribe to the same internal monolog service.
Kennedy Alexis
•♡Holding Myself Higher♡•
I learned that I lived in a fairy tale land, that I created. I always expected others to already know what I wanted and why I am upset. I learned that I have to express myself for me to be heard. It is up to me to spoil myself. I am the only one who can make me feel unvalid and misunderstood by not communicating.
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