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Cave Meditation

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Relax your muscles. Let the pain go. Be one with your body. Choices in life. You can make them...you can make them even better. Listen to your heart and feel calm inside.
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Cave Meditation
Release tension in your body. Relax the muscles. Feel calm....
Direction in Life
When I first awoke this morning, I listened to Irene’s new Cave Meditation. I have been spending the majority of time caring for others lately with little time for self care. Irene handed me a compass, a directional finder for reinstituting the practice of self care. I took a look at the figurative compass and have gone back down the pathway I had chosen to the other side and am already feeling the difference. Self care must come first, before care for others. This is easy to let go by the wayside when other important things and people are involved. I am going to replant myself (again) firmly in the earth, become more grounded and spend a generous amount of time outside where I can become rejuvenated once again. Irene, thank you for taking me through this process this morning and for again showing me the proper path. Occasionally, I get lost. 🙏🏻Namaste🙏🏻
Cave medition
It’s a nice way of relaxing your muscles releasing pressure ...feeling good!
Cave Meditation
Absolutely Wonderful session. Reminded me of Plato’s allegory... We do all have a choice. We can reverse course anytime. Recognizing that reality is the key. If we have the courage to use it the results can be liberating and have the potential lead to transformation. Bravo Irene, you’ve produced another masterpiece!
Do we have a choice in life?
Yes we always have! Learn how to make your own choice! It is nice when you releaze you are the one that can change...
You can choose your own direction
Turn left or right... You deside... and there is always a way back..., go for it.
Calming, I liked the narrators interesting and soothing voice. I enjoyed going on a walk in my mind while resting my body completely. I liked how the narrator described the scene so well, invoked stress and anger gently, and then taught us about emotional choice. I also really liked the connection to nature.
I loved going into a visual journey, a safe space surrounded by nature
Living in a big busy city and missing nature I realized I can find that calmness through my imagination. Use my fantasy to bring me back to the surrounding I cherish most. It's always with me, in my heart
Difficult visualization
I always have trouble with visualizations, getting too wrapped up in creating the details that I miss the point! However, somehow this one worked well for me. I think the prompts from the teacher helped me to focus on feelings and reactions. She has a very calm and soothing voice and manner. This one is definitely one of favorites!
Magical Place
I am walking along in the forest when a cave appears in front of me. Curious to see what is inside the cave I decide to walk inside. With each step I take, I feel myself becoming more relaxed. I come to a crossroads inside the cave which I decide to take the left side. As I start down this path, I can feel the tension coming back because this is the side that contains all those negative emotions that we feel at times. I make the choice to turn around and walk back to take the right side instead. This side is much more pleasant with soft grass to walk on. I can feel myself beginning to relax again as I continue to explore this side of the cave. It is filled with pleasant thoughts and energy.I have made it to the end of the cave which I see blue skies, butterflies, hear birds singing, and see beautiful trees and flowers. I walk over to a rock that is underneath a tree to take in all the beauty that is surrounding me which gives me a feeling of joy. I feel the warmth of the sunshine on my skin filling me up with energy and strength. I sit here for a few moments before it is time for me to start back on my path to home. This magical place has left me feeling rejuvenated. I will be back to visit this place often. Thank you Irene for taking me on another magical journey.🙏❤️🌻🌞🌳🦋🐛🐝🐦🐌
This was a powerful meditation. I found it to be quite comforting and it helped me relieve my pain. Thank you for your gentle guidance. Namaste 🙏
I completely loved the energy I was able to feel with the mediation 🤍 very powerful. Thank you
Great meditation
It was an amazing session. Thank you very much Irene. I feel so good now
Becoming Love
Allowing Irene’s words to guide me, I felt my body and mind begin to relax into the mattress I was laying on. Seeing a cave appear into my view, a welcoming feeling came over me and so I decided to enter it. Being guided through the darkness by a light in the distance, I felt encouraged to continue on. Making my way to the light, I saw the area illuminated with a fork in the path where I could go either left or right. Following Irene’s lead, I began walking on the path that lead left and immediately felt the ground below me feel shaky causing uneasy emotions to come up. Along with these uneasy emotions came thoughts of just how unfair life has been in terms of both of my loved fur kids getting sick and losing them almost a year to the day apart. Recognizing that these emotions and thoughts do not serve me whatsoever, I began to chose to take a step back towards the fork in the path. Following Irene’s lead, I began walking on the path that lead right and immediately felt as if I was walking on solid ground. Feeling this was the path I was supposed to be on, I was drawn to an opening I saw in the distance. Arriving at the opening, I was awestricken by just how beautiful this area was. Walking along a path through a lush green meadow, there were flowers of every kind. Butterflies fluttering through the air, birds chirping and singing, I felt such a cozy feeling, as if I was home. Following the butterflies and the sounds of the birds, I saw a rock to sit on underneath a tree next to a bridge up ahead. Sitting down on the rock, I felt the warmth of the sun embrace my body and I closed my eyes. Feeling light from the inside out, I began hearing familiar sounds in the distance. I quickly opened my eyes and saw my beloved fur kids running my way. Running over the cobblestone bridge and into my arms, my heart filled with such delight! Oh, to see the love in their eyes, to feel their kisses on my face, I was reunited with love, itself! Becoming love, I am whole!
Her voice was calming and I could feel her words in my body - nice to recharge
I am able to be soothed and visualise if pleasant voice - I would like to find something in this subscription so I may fall asleep