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Cat/Cow Energizing Breath

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Dakota Mays
Yoga Teacher & Breathwork Guide
This breath routine will help you energize your body in just a few minutes. The routine is synced with simple cat/cow movements to get you tapped into the most energetic area of the body, your heart space. Enjoy!!
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5 reflections
Loved this
I loved this. I felt energized and his voice was calming and relaxing.
Cat/cow breath work
I really enjoyed this morning meditation For myself, meditation is more impactful when paired with movement. This is likely due to the anxiety I suffer from. Felt great to stretch out my body as well as get some paced breath work in to start off my day! Thank you 🙏🏼
breathwork works
manipulation of your breathing can stimulate or relax your mind and body. it’s so amazing how you can control this and be able to achieve calm or provide energy
Walter J
All the meow-ing & moo-ing really helped wake me up this morning!! JK.. the arching and squeezing out helped stretch and got me moving. Nice switch up! 🐈‍⬛🍀🐄
Cat energy cow energy spine breathing I call it
Such a simple maneuver and yet ever nourishing Seated lying down in a bridge standing in chair Table top I visit this often. I had not thought it a waking up exercise but it certainly is!