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Camden and Mabel

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor
Finding a balance in life is so important. In so many ways. Finding relationships in our life that support us, that help us in ways we need help, without question and judgment…these relationships can make all the difference.
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Camden and Mabel
It is nice to find those who complete you! They make you a better version ofv yourself
My thoughts on “Camden and Mabel”
I learned that opposites attract and we should always try to connect with people in different ways that are unique to us (as individuals). Camden and Mabel sound like they share a strong bond between each other, which made me feel happy. ☺️ I liked this story.
Camden and Mabel
I love these stories. Camden and Mabel have such a great bond and can be an inspiration to all of us.
Reminds me of Neil and me - how opposite we are yet drawn to each other me with that rigid routine and anxiety him more laid back
I need to appreciate the laid back part and the underlying unconditional support he has given me no matter what. Even through turmoil. How judgmental I’ve been with him simply becauof my own anxiety.
Camden and Mabel
I identified with Camden the loving dog who could get anxious. We need bonded opposites in our lives