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Calming Breath Meditation

7 Min
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Suzie Brown
Mindfulness & Insight Meditation Teacher
This is a simple breath meditation designed to help you calm and ground yourself in this 5 minutes of peace.
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Clear mind
Breathing clears my mind because there is not another person in my head. I get to define my truth without questions, judgement, commentary, and criticism. I am able to affirm my reality for the truth that exists.
I love that it said not to get upset when my mind starts to wander because my brain is just doing its job, it’s meant to wonder. I love that it taught me that meditation is not about emptying the mind, but being fluid and letting the thoughts ebb, flow, and slip away.
Five Min Bliss
I learned to release the tension in my tummy caused by anxiety.. it has been so blissful to just “gently breathe” again.. with it a calming of my mind as I follow the meditation and realise finally it is not about blocking the mind from its role... I will be on this daily thank you goddess 🙌❤️