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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
A mindful meditation... on how to feel calm using your breath. Namaste!! xo Music Credit: Kepler 452b - Original Mix
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8 reflections
Waves of Calm
During these precarious times, we can be feeling a little more anxious at times. While some anxiety can be a good thing, chronic anxiety can lead us to be dis-eased in the mind and therefore, lead us to be diseased in the body. In this meditation, Dorothy has us focus on our breath to activate calm in our body. Strangely, I woke up with a little unease in my body because I am planning a trip to the store this morning. I hadn’t felt this way going to the store before, but then again, we didn’t have a case in our county yet. That all changed this morning when I found out that my county indeed, has its first conoravirus case. Thus, before I venture out, I wanted to listen to a meditation to activate my parasympathetic system and feel calm. I’m very grateful that I chose this one. Settling in my chair, I became aware of my breath and began visualizing my inhalation and my exhalation as gentle waves in the ocean. With every in breath, waves receded back into the vast ocean and on my out breath, waves came gently onto the sandy shore. Visualizing my breath as waves of the ocean, I noticed my breathing become deeper. With my breath deepening, I felt these waves of calm wash over my entire being given me an incredible sense of peace. Thank you, Dorothy! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
All is calm...
At least in the exhale! Good to remember our body has a calming method that occurs with every breath. Namaste
Anxious to Calm
This morning I woke up with my mind swirling over my to do list for the week which for some reason was making me feel anxious. Sitting in a comfortable position listening to Dorothy’s soothing voice as well as the background music, I inhale deeply through my nose while pushing my stomach out which is known as a diaphragmatic breathing technique. This breathing technique will help initiate the body’s relaxation response. I pause at the top of my inhale and then slowly exhale. After repeating this a few times while focusing on my 3rd eye, I begin to feel a sense of calm and centered. This was exactly what I needed to come back to the present moment. Thank you Dorothy!🙏
Very grounding!
Brought me back down! Found myself getting filled with nervous energy as I was working. The kind where you can’t sit still and your heart beats faster and faster until your chest hurts. This really, truly helped!
One to keep...
This may be one that I save to use a few times over. I could feel the anxiety leaving my body.
Ride the wave of calm. Close your eyes to deepen your focus.
Instant Calm…
If I stroke something with tiny bristles on it, a layer of calm settles down upon me.
Thank you, Dorothy, for this meditation. You always know exactly what to say and how to say it. I've been listening to your sessions for a long time now and they have been a gift. They have helped me grow and thrive.
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