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Burn Out - Is This Too Small For You?

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
Using a potent line from the David Whyte poem, Sweet Darkness, we explore ways in which we outgrow circumstances and how this can lead to burnout. Learning to recognize when we have outgrown a role or when we have made a role "too small" for us, is a key skill in preventing burnout.
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4 reflections
Cass Carlopio has such a talent to make accessible the knowledge of CBT. This reflection is very important and deep and we should regularly go back to it along life as life is change and constant movement. Thank you for the guidance.
Excellent perspective
I take issue with “burnout” (in this case as it pertains to a job or career, which is a bit topic) being considered solely binary; either you don’t have work-life balance or you’re in a toxic work situation. This message here speaks (I think correctly) to burnout being a lot more profound than this because burnout is in many cases a much deeper animal and if you don’t see it that will, it will recur. Thanks for yet another great message.
Staying too long
I left my last job that was too small probably two years after I should have out of a sense of duty and fear. By the end I was feeling suicidal. I haven’t worked in a year and am just now able to think about what might come next.
Is this too small?
I initially was going to say that for me, "it" got too big. As a health care provider I was being told to be more things to more people...a revenue producer, a mentor, an arbitrator and oh yes, the actual patient care provider I studied to be. But then I thought, well, yes this is too small. Because the company I worked for abandoned all talk of helping people live better lives and helping us become better providers. It all came down to making money for the higher ups who had not done the work for 10 or more years
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