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Building Castles Meditation

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
What happens with our dreams when they change? Can we controle our thoughts our dreams?
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Who is building your dream?
The world....or are you in controle of your own dreams... and what if your dream changes....
Building castles
Learning I have my castle within me. A perfect place I have built just for me to go inside of and be protected and calm
Believing in your self...
What ever happens around you keep believing in yourself. Trust and you will get there... have big dreams!
Allow your dreams to grow!
Believe in them what ever happens and miracles will happen...
Create your dreams
Believe in yourself and create new dreams and keep building new ones...
Want to build on some dreams?
Feel your dream and create it! When you believe you can build for real
Create your. Dreams
You deside if your dreams come true not the world around you. Believe in your dreams and trust them
What a magical inward journey. Irene’s guidance is so gentle and direct, it’s easy to follow along. I was able to paint a vivid image in my mind. She’s given me a lot to think about. I would like to do this meditation regularly!
Christmas Lights
“This is the only time of year he opens up, drops his guard and becomes like a normal person,” my mother always said. She was referring to my father. And she was right, of course. The glowing bulbs of blue, green, and red, the tree and all the other seasonal trimmings meant much to my mother and I because they symbolizes our brief annual oasis of warm, loving humanity in an otherwise cold and dark emotional landscape. Instead of the arrogant, condescending MIT electrical engineer who made his wife and child feel like unwanted, excess baggage, my father actually became fun to be around. He made us feel like we mattered, he stopped lecturing and really listened, he showed us his heart. “Why can’t he be this way all the time?” I asked her. “I don’t know honey. It’s just the way he is.” Years later, long after my mother had passed, I visited my father. He had mellowed considerably and when I asked him he jsaid, “When I was a little boy Christmas was the only time my parents stopped fighting. I learned very early that the rest of the year it was not safe to let your guard down, unless you wanted to get hurt. It was the only way I survived it. I know I put your mother and you through hell and I’m more sorry for that than anything else.”
dreams are what we want most
I am in college right now and I’m chasing a dream. I love what I’m doing I really do. I finally get to do what I want. But this taught me that I have a bigger dream. I don't just want what I'm looking for, I also want someone. I want someone to be looking for me. That's what I learned.
First session
I felt a little better after this meditation. Saw myself happy, smiling and enjoying life
Dream Big
Every one of us have or have had castles within us. These dreams within us may have come true, changed with the ebb and flow of life or washed away completely with the tides. In this visualization meditation, we paint a dream on a canvas using the colors of the chakras. Once painted, we step into our castle and live it as if it is happening right now. After becoming relaxed, I walked into a building and saw some paint cans. Picking up a brush, I began painting my castle on a blank canvas. Once painted, I found myself inside this castle I painted. As I looked around, I saw a familiar face in the distance. Interested, I walked closer and realized this person was me. Seeing the joy in her eyes and a pep in her step, I felt magnetized to get closer to her. Melting into her, I was so taken back by how amazing I felt that I cannot put it into words. No matter what has happened with our individual dreams in our past, we must begin again and dream. And, dream big, building many castles! After all, the adventures never end on this journey we call life even if we feel like they have. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Rediscovering my castle
What a wonderful practise. Inflet I was on a journey in discovering my castle, my dream. Reflective and sad of al the castles I had not built. By the end of was really clear on my castle that truly comes from the heart. The picture of this and all the feelings that go with that castle was so real.