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Building a More Confident You

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Do you sometimes struggle to feel confident about yourself? We can practice speaking words of encouragement and kindness to our self - and holding belief in who we are as being more than good enough, capable, intelligent, and any other adjective that describes what is true rather than what we might currently tell our self. In this episode of Life Coaching WISDOM, I offer the strategies for building a more confident version of yourself, and for how to practice loving kindness directed inward. If you would like my help, please reach out to me - let me help. Namaste! MUSIC: Justin Woodward & John Murphy, 'sunshine adagio'
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I’m SO glad I chose to dig a bit deeper and try a second meditation session tonight! This was the perfect follow-up to my last session!
I am amazing
A counselor wanted me to walk into a room and shout “I am amazing”. I never did get the confidence to do this. While I agree with the statement. I always told myself I was too humble to brag. I want all of you to know that we are amazing.
Me as a young vulnérable singer...
Twenty years ago, I chose to follow my passion and I went to university to learn music as a singer. I then discovered jazz... and my own voice. 😃 But at this time, I was the only singer there with a sweet and high voice. My voice have always sounded pretty young. And I was shy and different than the other singer students that appeared to me to be so confident! So, I felt like the vilain petit canard ». And there, I was kind of apart. Unfortunately, I wasn’t well accompanied during those years, and I stayed with this big lack of confidence (but not lack of talent). So now, I founded my singing school for which I’m really proud of, by the singer is almost dead... 🙁 Yes, I now know that I had a unique talent, but I’m also far from the performance. The joy of singing is gone... 😕
Nadir A.
No matter how much pressure I’m under. I will still operate twice as fast. Carefully and finish first cause I’m not gonna spend any amount of time dwelling over it and stressing before I even begin the project which gives me extra time. That I can focus towards the project. Which causes two intervals, project. Then summery.
Self Recognition
Hearing these words, allowing these words to really sink in, made me realize that I give myself very little recognition for much of anything. I need to acknowledge my accomplishments big or small
Recognizing Me
I do realize that when I am feeling happy, I notice more things that make me happy but only when I am feeling that in the moment. Trying to prime my mind to always think about myself as an amazing human being is difficult since I am my harshest critic. Hopefully with this reminder, I will be training myself to know what I am amazing even with good and bad days! It’s what makes all of us awesome 👍🏽
I’ve enjoyed this speaker and this coaching session is very reassuring and self-affirming. Appreciated.
I noticed that during this session I became very emotional connecting very deeply to every thing the life coach was saying. I think I should listen to this often.
No more dimming my light :)
I felt immediately confident and confortable in myself listening to this. This has given me the inspiration to “stop dimming my light” and be happy with who I am.
heavy heart
i’m crying😌 but my heart still feel stuffed 😭 i still need a lesson .. i’m tired. i still lost confidence bout myself😌
I learned that I need to embrace who I am and to be positive with my innermost self.
The first wife is the soul I have a great soul and have been learning about it for years now. Trust in this process
Loving myself
It’s been a long road to self love and I feel as though I’m not anywhere closer But I will try to think of one positive thing about myself every day.
I need to be kind to myself. It’s a hard thing for me but this was a good reminder to do that and really be mindful of what I tell myself
Building Confidence
Growing up, I didn’t have much for self esteem. People wouldn’t know it, as I hid it well. But, behind closed doors the way I talked to myself, the thoughts I held for myself were absolutely brutal. Having low self esteem transcended into negative thoughts and actions that would reinforce how I felt about myself and my abilities. It was a vicious cycle to say the least. Since meditating nearly a year and a half ago, I have been on a journey of self care, of learning about the power of nonjudgmental thoughts and living mindfully. Even though I feel I have come a long way in quieting that negative self talk, I find I still question myself at times. Perhaps it is that I don’t trust my intuition. Perhaps it is that inner voice still fighting for my attention. Either way, I am ready to build more confidence. While listening, Dorothy gave me a few ideas of how to build confidence. These include being mindful of what I say to and think of myself, making an ongoing list of what allows me to feel good and speaking my truth. I will include both physical attributes and intellectual ability, such as character strengths in this ongoing list. I will speak my truth and remind myself of my worthiness. And, most importantly, I will be mindful of that inner voice and counteract any negativity with kind and encouraging thoughts. I will continue on having an attitude of gratitude as I have seen and felt great improvement in my overall happiness. By seeing and acknowledging good, I will increase my confidence. By writing down a list of positive attributes about myself, I can go back and look through this list when I need encouragement. By being more mindful, I can counteract any negative self talk. Thank you, Dorothy! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️ ***If anyone is having difficulty with self esteem and self confidence, I highly recommend listening to this life coaching wisdom session from Dorothy.
Working On This
I used to down play compliments and positive words from people almost by instinct. I could never accept someone acknowledging it, even though I knew the compliment to be true. I’ve always been uncomfortable with any kind of attention being drawn to myself. I am learning and working on allowing my true self to shine naturally, authentically, and if other people notice it and like it, that’s okay. Smile and say thank you and carry on.
Day 3
I’m learning how to start accepting me. I have not had very much confidence in myself and I have a hard time accepting compliments
I’ve noticed that I’m not really happy about where I am in my life and I’m learning to make it better for me.
Intenté hacer otro como el 1 primero me hizo más tensa
Me gustó mas este, nose como como o en que manera porque no me entiendo a mi misma pero si.
I used to be so confident in myself, I’m not sure what happened. I catch myself comparing myself to my friends, like they are so happy in life and I’m not. I’m always there for others as if I have it all together, but all along I’m really torn and can’t help myself. It’s time I work on me again. I can’t keep letting myself down. I have to start being more confident in the decisions I make, stop second guessing myself. I feel like I’ve came a long way over the past years, I can’t turn back and go back down that dark gloomy road.
I learned that hope and positivity are never to lose. Whatever the situation be, learn to control your reaction and thoughts to it and direct it in a positive way.
Self Confidence
My grief in loss has sapped my self confidence. I am following this coach for help.
I felt heard
I learned that I need to start being kinder to myself. I will listen more to this session.
I’ve noticed lately it has been easy to compare myself to others when I am not feeling like I have reached my own potential in certain tasks. This reminds me to be kinder to myself as my situation isn’t everyone else’s and I have accomplished so much to make it to where I am at.
Focusing on me
Before I turned on my aura i was just self loathing on the fact that I am losing my hair and for long time thats where I drew my confidence from atleast i have long thick hair but I have lost that i don't know am kind of at a loss but I will not dwell on that i am more than my hair and I know that. So I have learnt not to compare my self to others which I do a lot but focus on me and not focus on things I don't have or insignificant so yeah
It makes me feel good starting of the day with positive thoughts
I learned I need to trust myself and my abilities. I am capable of achieving anything that comes to my mind and the uniqueness that makes up me is great! Trust the process 🙏🏾😊
As I grow older, I feel and live my life in a swirl of forgetfulness. It often impacts on others and makes me want to just lose myself in my own comfortable private space.
I need more self confidence. I dismiss my positive attributes and replace them with diminishing thoughts.
I learned that as confident as I feel I still inwardly question my worth. Not as a human being but as a contributor to society as a whole. Striving to become more in tune with all that is around me. I’m much more comfortable in nature than I am in communing with people.
You need to always be mindful. Positivity will help your confidence and happiness
Becoming confident
I have learned through this meditation to be mindful things I tell myself call me if I want to become more confident. Engage normally in exactly the kind critical self talk the life coach in the session with advising against what with advising against. No thanks to this meditation I will make more of an effort do you mind by myself thoughts to make sure they are more positive. This is the only way confidence can truly grow. This life coaching session remind me Decision with the session with Cassandra computer computer about mine said Bing everything and the henry Ford quote about whether you think you can I think you can’t you’re probably right”. Another words another word for our internal dialogue to promote confidence it has to be positive set that we are primed to believe we can do things when there’s negative internal dialogue we become conditioned to believe that will never come deliver a golf but this meditation both boots meditation booth booth meditation boat fits meditation this life coaching fishing track and the one about mindset from Sandra boy make the same point how about how mine said that our mindset about how mind that set is likely to affect the way we accomplish and go about pursuing our goals call’s. I am grateful for the folks in order for putting together this track on this app. You all have once again reiterated the relationship Sweeney confident positive self mindset and getting things accomplished. I struggle with feeling myself positively. If there were helped me with the importance of having a positive view of oneself reiterated in multiple ways thank you very much. I am also grateful for the community or Nora for taking the time to read this post. Thank you so much to the community who uses this app! I hope you are all happy and OK and well.
Self love
Such a beautiful meditation— I need to listen to this on repeat! And give myself grace.
I noticed
I noticed that I need to focus more on what I have accomplished and all of my amazing unique qualities instead of always wishing, longing to be something different or more
I know that I must focus more on my accomplishments and that I must now act on what I know to rebuild a strong and sustainable foundation with which to propel myself forwards from.
I felt that I used to believe in myself and the power of working hard.
I am learning to regain that power in my own life again In the past CBT and reframing have helped me with negative thought patterns. I have learned that I need to continue meditation and therapy if I want it to continue to work
Great advice and…
a reminder to treat yourself by reinforcing that positive dialogue within
Self talk
I am definitely a glass half full person. Rarely is my self talk negative. Although I will need to consider what self talk I do.
I need to remember that I must believe in my own special qualities and speak to myself kindly
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