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Build Creativity

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Andrew Johnson
Mindfulness & Sleep Coach
Access your natural creative abilities. Overcome challenges to your creative flow. Inspire yourself and those around you. Enjoy creative success. Some people have a great longing to create and yet struggle to reach the creative powers within them. Listening to Build Creativity will help you easily access your creative flow, see things differently and feel wonderfully inspired. Through positive and motivational messages, Build Creativity empowers you to expand your inner creativity, bring your creative abilities to the surface and be the creative person you were born to be.
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I’ve tried several creativity tracks, and I think this one is most useful for me
Thanks for sharing this
I just got a “take care” hoopla in meditating to this. Would you try to do it too? ☕️☯️🐝☯️☕️
I’m blown away. I’ve been so wrapped up with losses, loneliness, depression and forgiveness that my creativity was sadly neglected. I’ve felt a few small sparks lately but didn’t seem to have the energy to act. This relaxation to connect with one’s creativity woke me up to all I once was and still, by God, am. I believe I may be again setting off again on, “the road less taken.”
Build Creativity
I’ve returned to hear this again. The first time I felt awakened from a hibernation. Today I’m feeling far more energized and will come away with realizing that what I’d perceived as blockages are actually challenges.