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Buddha Meditation

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
You can do this meditation sitting. If you sit om a chair please keep your feet fat on the ground. When you do the 3 minute version keep your eyes closed after the 3 minutes and stay in peace for a few minutes. The effect will be calming and peaceful for the brain and body. More effect by the longer version because of more information.
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11 reflections
Walter J
I believe I was actually able to get to the point of no active thoughts! No worries, but no joys, No regrets, but no dreams No sadness, but no happiness Just Being... Calming , centered , complete Not alone, but all-one It Was, it IS Namaste
Buddha Mind
I felt peaceful and focused. Very nice technique.🌿🌺 My reflection was too short.
Not sure about this one...
Left me wanting more. BUT, perhaps I’ll try it again in my own and see if I can “get it” then.
Buddha meditation
Feel the relaxation in your head... Calmness end peace.....,..
Racing thoughts
My thoughts slowly melted away and I allowed myself to feel relaxed. Focusing only on my posture and breathing
Tranquil Space
In this meditation, Irene has us focus on our mind’s eye, the space between our eyebrows. By putting our focus on our mind’s eye, we open ourselves up to receiving energy emitted by the Universe. I closed my eyes, yet they remained open behind my eyelids. While noticing my abdomen rise and fall with each breath, I began to focus on my mind’s eye. As energy from the Universe began flowing into my body, my thoughts became empty. In this tranquil space, there was stillness. In this tranquil space, there was peace. Because I wanted to continue to be in this tranquil space, I picked up my meditation bowl and put it in the palm of my right hand as this relaxing meditation came to a close. With my left hand, I began to move the wooden mallet around the lid of the bowl. With my eyes closed, hearing the music and feeling the vibration in the palm of my hand, I realized that this tranquil space is within me. I am stillness. I am peace. Thank you Irene for this relaxing meditation. The music was an added bonus. I will definitely be listening again! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Buddha Meditation
Thank you Irene for guiding me to a tranquil state of just being, of being in the here and now. It was incredibly cleansing. I truly reached a state of stillness. Namaste. 🙏🏻💕
Calm and centered
How to focus on 3 rd eye and sit straight woukd like to learn more
Third Eye
I learned what my third eye means and how to tape into it. Relaxing and calm.
Outer chaos is an illusion Inner chaos makes outer chaos tolerable One cannot be a minimalist and be chaotic. One cannot be at peace and be anxious or depressed. It is a contradiction in terms to be a minimalist, and at peace and yet be depressed and chaotic. Chaos breeds chaos, the only way is to step aside and not to go through To play is an option and so is to pause Master peace ✌️ and you will master everything. Namaste
Buddha Med
Irene, magic! Played with this session; found a million eyes with a million gazes, a million puzzles! Thanks.
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