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Bubble Fingers Breath Exercise

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Liesl van der Hoven
Meditation Teacher, Artist and Author
A seated breath meditation that includes gentle hand and arm movements to help the young listener become present. This meditation aims to help children visualize themselves surrounded by a light feeling of their own choice, for example, love, happiness, or playfulness. This meditation can be done at any time of the day, but it can be a particularly lovely way to start the day. Background music: Waves of Hope by Music Of Wisdom
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3 reflections
The Bubble!
I felt the bubble around me and really enjoyed this meditation. At first I was a bit off put since it was for children, but went with it and it felt great!
Bubble Fingers
I know this is geared for children but what a fun way to bring light to your day!
Thought of my great granddaughter when I read the title.
I didn’t know this was for children other than the picture with the description. Today is a difficult day for my family and we all deal with it in different ways. A year ago today we lost our son to Suicide. (I miss you so much Tony) I still haven’t gotten over it and probably never will. I am stuck felling like I’m just floating through each day. My meditations definitely have helped but so many things and places remind me of him. I have never been so emotional but have cried more in the last year than I have in my entire life. We have a new amazing soul in our lives in our Gorgeous great granddaughter who has become my foundation in staying strong for my entire family. I am the one of last and oldest adult males that my granddaughters and grandsons have and worry I’m not the role model they needed. I know they will do amazing things with their lives but wish I had more time with them when they were younger. Everything has just flown by so fast and continues to do so. I’m not sure where we are headed but I am confident it will bring amazing things. 🤙🏽
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