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Bringing in Brightness

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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
If you're feeling neutral, or pretty good, you can get intentional about bringing even more brightness into your day. In this practice, you'll start with basic mindfulness, and then open up to lovingkindness and gratitude. Get ready to meet your happiness quota today! www.christina-mcmahon.com
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Bringing in Brightness
BEST meditation thus far 😬🙌🏻🌈 loved the duo of voices. Loved the heart space referrals , loved wishing myself, my loved ones and the world, LOVE PEACE HEALTH WHOLENESS. Thank you 😘💓
So much love
I loved this meditation! The practice of bringing loving kindness and well wishness upon MYSELF, those I love and those I have CONFLICT with right now- brought upon so many emotions. Overall cultivating that loving energy upon the people in my life and into the universe was a perfect way to start my day. Thank you 🙏🏻
Sunday 7/2
Visualizing a place and time that I felt absolutely at peace and utter joy was at sunrise in the water and Maui and anytime I bring this up into my mind it brings me under peace and joy That even when I don’t feel like meditating it is the best thing that I can do for myself
Just What I Needed 🙏
I wasn’t certain about this meditation at first. When the practitioners switched back and forth, at first it was a bit disconcerting. But, I was able to relax into it, when I heard a version of one of my favorite affirmations. This one had a new twist: “May I be loved and supported, just as I love and support myself.” As always, the Universe gave me just what I needed. 💫♥️🙏♥️💫
Perfect timing
Listened to this session without headphones just now. Right when it wrapped up it is time to leave the house with my wife to deliver her to school. Out into the brightness of this morning!
Well Wishing
This meditation starts out with you breathing into your heart space while saying a few well wishing affirmations first to yourself, then to someone you feel totally comfortable with which my best friend popped into my head immediately, then to someone you have had a hard time with which my body totally tensed up when thinking of someone, and then finally sending well wishes to everyone else out in the world. It ends with a gratitude practice, visualizing a time when you felt totally at peace. Wishing all of you a day filled with good health, peace, and joy.❤️🌈 ✌️
What a beautiful meditation to begin my day with! Repeating these positive affirmations into my heart space made me feel warm. Sending these positive affirmations out to a loved one, including a person I have difficulties with filled my heart space with compassion and kindness. Remembering a recent time where I felt at peace filled my heart with gratitude. As I write this reflection and hear the birds chirp on a cooler morning fills my heart of gratitude. I am filled with this incredible brightness and now I share it with all of you! May you be happy...may you be well! May you be healthy and whole! May you have love and support in your life as you love and support yourself! Sending everyone out in the Universe loving kindness and positivity! Namaste...❤️☮️🙏🏻😊
Walter J
This one will definitely brighten up your heart & soul and even your out look. Had a very physical weekend doing demo work on my garage and awoke feeling sore & groggy this morning. Reading Cherish’s reflection on this one brought a warming to my body so I decided to listen. Glad I did! As I listened I could sense a brightness coming in to my Heart Chakra. As I mentally said the phrases the brightness spread thru my body. By the time I was wishing it on others I was glowing & pulsating love vibes out in all directions. May everyone be well, may everyone feel Loved & supported and May you then pass it onto someone who needs it (even if they may not deserve it)! Namaste ❤️🙏🍀
We are all worthy of love and safety -- and I am included in that "we."
Complicated wishes
*wish myself well; and be kind gentle and talk with myself as I would with Cameron. *wish someone I love closely well. *wish someone whom has hurt my feelings/more complicated relationship dynamic Channeling joy into the rest of my day. Channeling peace from a positive instance this week.
Loving and Joyful
This meditation evoked feelings of gentleness and warmth for me, my loved ones, and the world. The recall of a simple moment of joy over the week, just one or two, reminded me that I have much to be grateful for in those few moments. I am lucky to feel joy, even if not often; I can, however, work to bring more joy into my life.
Happiness at its finest.
Man I feel great that’s all I got to say GREAT. My body was relaxed, my mind was relaxed.
By focussing on gentle sounds and recalling happiness in thought and feeling I could shift a poor habit of low mood on waking 💫
Warmth and hope
By listening to gentle suggestion and beautiful sounds of nature, I can change a poor habit of low mood on waking to feelings of hope and internal warmth and softness.
Bringing in Brightness
I learned that by being fully present I can remind myself I have joy, I can share joy, and there is always something to be grateful for
Wishing people well
I learned that I was able to wish a person I have trouble with well. I learned that I want to wish myself well with the same freedom and willingness that I wish the person I love well.
Keep going
I learned that I need to persevere through sessions and I will gain positive results
Reaction to Bringing in Brightness
Love that it acknowledges that maybe you’re not in a headspace to come out of the meditation feeling like a bright happy sunflower which made it a great way to be honest about where my mood was starting and following the meditation in earnest. Definitely felt lighter and more at peace at the end and will be keeping it close at hand for the bad mood days that are hard to shake.
I need subtitles to keep focus hopefully you could do something in the future
Third session in Aura
I often stop being in a reflective mode/ letting go/ allowing when I start to feel better. This is the time that difficult things can come up to be healed actually. And can continue to feel better! Beyond expectations. Definitely a difference on this platform versus listening to something on standard social media platforms.
First Session
I was having a totally unmotivated and nonproductive day. After listening and doing the meditation I now feel like starting my day over again with a centered, positive energy. This do over is without guilt or blame. I am grateful to be back on track.
My Heart Space
When I wished my Brewster and my two kitties well it warmed my heart a lot. It even brought a small smile to my face.