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Breathwork For Emotional Release & Sleep

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NOA|AON aka Pavel Stuchlik
Wim Hof Certified Breathwork Expert
In this meditation, you will calm down your nervous system and let go of any emotions that are no longer serving you. We will start with a brain activation to allow excessive C02 out of your system and relax your muscles even deeper, for the best night sleep ever. Focus on nasal breath 2 seconds on inhale, 2 seconds on exhale. We tend to hold an excessive amount of C02 in our system due to lack of breathing as well as not breathing enough. This exercise will help you release that excessive amount, while also overloading your system with C02 for best healing cellular function. It has been proven that controlled amounts of C02 have immense benefits to our bodies. C02 is an antioxidant and prevents oxidative stress.