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Breathwork For Beginners

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NOA|AON aka Pavel Stuchlik
Wim Hof Certified Breathwork Expert
In this recording, you will learn some of the basic, but most profound & effective breathing techniques. The deep breathing techniques include Wim Hof retention, 2-part breath & power breath. We will also cover three of the most studied slow breathing techniques such as 5x5, 4x7x8 & 2x4. We will end these exercises with an instant presence tool that will bring more peace, awareness & coherence throughout your day. Tips: - Sit up straight or lay down on your back with good quality headphones. - Follow the guide, as each technique is different Benefits: - Releases fear - Increases oxygen consumption - Boosts your mitochondria - Energizing effect & stimulates happy hormones - 396 HZ subliminal sound healing embedded from Source Vibrations