When we are mindful, we awaken to ourselves and our surroundings. When we mindfully walk, we awaken to the sensations that occur while we walk. In this meditation, Dorothy introduces us to another mindful activity called breathwalk, in which we can synchronize our breath with our steps and/or say a positive affirmation or mantra while we walk. Conscious linking these, we are brought to the present where we can feel peace and freedom from thought. Going into my backyard, I began walking at my own pace and took in my surroundings. Following Dorothy’s guidance, I began to conscious link my steps with my in breath to a count of four and my out breath to a count of four. After a time of doing this breathwalk, I felt exuberant. I decided to take a break to feel this amazing feeling and began to look around my surroundings once again. To my surprise, I saw a herd of seven deer in my neighbor’s backyard looking right back at me. Locking eyes with these beautiful creatures, the exuberance I felt from before grew stronger. Beginning to walk once again, I changed from synchronizing my breath with my steps to repeating a mantra of ‘I am one with my surroundings’ while I walked. Saying this mantra while I walked gave me a sense of interconnection. Thank you, Dorothy for creating this wonderful exercise and Aura for selecting this one for me! Now that I have learned this, I will definitely be doing this breathwalk and mantra walk more often! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️