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Breathing Space for Emotions

3 Min
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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
This meditation invites you to give space to your emotions through breathing. It encourages you to allow and let go of judgments, rejections, and impatience regardless of how you may be feeling.
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Very relaxing
I felt peaceful and calmer after this quick meditation. It’s always good to be guided back to the breath.
Brings you back to center
At first when it started I was thinking his speaking was too slow and my mind started to wander but his words brought me back, saying that being anxious can sometimes be normal and I realized that anxiety was making me try to rush through the session. That calmed me and brought me back to my center, allowing me to breath and once again be in the present.
Emotional pain
I felt very tense the music help me relax And help me adjust my thinking
New motto
The big take away for me today: we cannot breath in the past, or the future. We can only breath in the present. Appreciate the now. Now is important.