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Breathing Space Coping with Difficulty

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Sandrine Cranswick
Mindfulness Teacher & Coach
When we feel under pressure or overwhelmed we tend to use our habitual coping strategies – (ie eating crisps or sugary snacks, coffee, alcohol, shouting, shutting down...). These often lead to more stressful situations. The Three Steps Breathing Space is a very short practice, from MBCT. It helps to cope with difficulty in a short and efficient way. Instead of pushing away the unpleasant, we learn to hold our experiences with openness and self-compassion.
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2 reflections
Cyndee 🌊
Sinking into calmness
Very peaceful and calming, perfect for this evening. I used calm background music, ocean waves and birds chirping. The background music kept playing after the meditation session finished and I just found myself sinking into my bed. Namaste 🙏
I could hold them softly
Hearing I need to acknowledge and embrace the difficulty I’m feeling brought some reassurance I needed in this current state of mind.