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Breathing Meditation with Counting

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Carla-Jo Geraghty
Mindfulness Teacher and Mentor
If you are new to mindfulness adding counting the breaths can help to aid concentration. This meditation will help you to focus on one thing at a time and allow you to begin to feel a sense of calm.  Please note: If you are struggling with your mental health it's really important to seek professional help. These meditations are not a substitute for that but can be used along side therapy to help to support you. For more on Carla-Jo and her work please see www.carlajo-mindfulness.com
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33 reflections
Less stress
I learned that meditation is much more than just learning to relax. It’s a way to learn more about yourself mentally. My stress level has dropped tremendously since starting this and I’ve learned that when stress does try to over take me just to close my eyes and sit in silence and listen to your breaths. It’s amazing the difference it makes.
Too fast
I felt that the breathing in this one was rushed for me and didn’t help much with my overthinking. But I learned that once I went at my own pace, it became a lot more enjoyable.
It helped me stay more focused so my mind did not wander as much.
Too fast
Was not a big fan of this one. I felt rushed and found it hard to meditate.
I liked this meditation a lot. At first i felt rushed because it was not a normal pace for me. I decided to just breathe and count at my normal pace and rhythm. What a change! My mind kind of went blank except for counting. No distractions or intrusive thoughts, just counting and breathing. Very relaxing and another method to use to clear my brain of annoying crap. 🙏❤️👍
En esta ocasión mi mente estaba en el ritmo de mi respiración. Lo seguí tan bien que no me di cuenta en qué momento se terminó el audio. Creo que no siempre se puede hacer eso, tal vez sea el cansancio acumulado o las cosas que debo hacer, pero el focalizar mi atención a este acto puede en verdad resultar tanto divertido como inspirador.
Breath counting
I am finding that counting can help but, at times I lose track of my count. Instead of being frustrated I can be thankful that in that moment I was mindful. Just start over with the count brings be back gently.
I learnt about how important meditating is and this made me feel very relaxed and selfless
Pacing myself
Counting breaths helps to keep a steady focus. Nothing replaces a lack of sleep, but it still gets me tuned up to start my day. Namaste
Breathing Meditation with Counting
This was a helpful a technique that kept me focused on my breath. However, I found my breathing rhythm to be slower than the counts offered and wondered if I am breathing too deeply when I meditate.
this helped me relax and helped me fall asleep when i couldn’t
I enjoyed this one. Helped me relax and keep my mind off of stressful things
This really helped me!
I’m new to meditation and the counting really helped me relax.
Breathing Meditation with Counting
It was nice to use counting to help me stay present. The count gave my mind something to do so that it did not wander off into thoughts, plans and worries
I don’t know what it is exactly, but taking the time to just take deep breaths really relaxes me & gives me in so many words just a mental break.
breathing meditation
Er zijn zoveel meditatietechnieken, je kan dat eigenlijk nooit beu geraken!
I really liked this exercise. Been having trouble calming down the anxiety throats couple days. This was really helpful to maintain the focus.
~ liesel b ~
June 2nd - Tuesday
The way I focused on my breathing was by pinning a visual to it. My breaths were horizontal, moving to the left for in, then moving right for out. I would see the number after the out-breath, and then move up to the next row of horizontal breathing.
I found that my breaths got slower and deeper as I counted.
I learned that counting actually helped my mind not to wander!
I felt better
I learned that I can give constructive feedback before I show gratitude and this may be received unwell
Breathing with Counting
This morning was tough and I never actually made it to 10 before I found myself wandering off. However, each time I did return after noticing my distraction felt like a small win.
Often times, we have negative emotions pouring out from us due to our environments' fast pace lifestyle or maybe somebody got you upset... it is important to take this emotions, and let them go as fast as they came, do not dwell on it for too long. In this meditation, were being told to take deep breaths, and exhale while counting; this way we should become calmer and more aware.
Breathing in and out and focusing on counting makes it easier to stay focused. Don’t judge yourself.
Tuesday July 6 2021 6:35am
I am sitting in the quiet living room days before moving. My parents come today to move Todd to Loon Lake. This is going to be a busy and stressful day with lots of breakdowns. Todd’s suicide attempt on Wednesday, June 30, really threw me for a loop. I’ve been focused on him in the hospital for 2 days. Then home with me and I’m providing counselling support and still trying to get things done. I’m so much happier having him home though. The hospital was not where he needed to be, he wasn’t receiving adequate psychological and psychiatric treatment. He can receive better support with me. That also takes its toll. Being so tuned in to another person to notice when you have to co-regulate or intervene in some way while trying to pack up my life and move myself to Vancouver Island (I just like saying it) and now Todd to Loon Lake. I am so grateful to my parents for stopping everything and coming to help. I’m far more overwhelmed than I originally thought but I’m functional, I think. My house has reached a level of dirty I’m ashamed of. I need to do better for my girls. They don’t deserve this version of me. I don’t deserve this version of me. This move is going to be all about personal growth. I feel like the move to Meadow was all about professional growth so that I can get to a level of sustainable ability that I can improve at a slower rate now than the last 7 years, once I’m over the shock and learning curve. So that I can focus on myself and growing and healing and become who aligns with the truest me. I know it’s going to be easy to not move from the couch but I must do one physical activity for at least 30 minutes every single day. I need to challenge my all or nothing beliefs and perfectionist tendencies. If I can’t do it perfect, I can’t do it at all. Also my feelings if overwhelm. I’m far more overwhelmed than I thought but healthy people don’t live in hidden hoards. I feel like I’m trying to climb up from the darkness into the light but people are still clinging to parts of me that are just waiting to fall from me that no longer are a part of my future. Allowing me to break free and step into myself. My expectations for this move are not extrinsic in nature like they were for Meadow. They are intrinsic and really I could do them anywhere. But I feel Vancouver Island is in line with how I feel deep down inside and the things that I want to do and focus on in my life.
Quick meditation
It was a great relaxation and calming start to my day! It clears your mind and just focusing on my breathing, I found that I could feel tensions and release them.
Quick Calm
The variation of breath change to the pace in speech the coach was using was able to take me out of a mild anxiety situation
I felt calm
I learned that it helps me slow down my thoughts and realise I’m still sleepy I am grateful to jalloh for my son and sorry that my best did but make him feel valued. I am grateful that this time with GOgo made me realise what I want .. which is a place I call home .. a warm welcoming and peaceful home . I am greatful for the peace I feel within after meditation I am stronger than I think .. with a change of perspective I can make the right choice for me and my children -even including moving out as it creates less chaos and confusion. God walks with me all the time so I am confident that I am on my path… it is taking the time I need in
I learned to be present in the moment. I felt calm and at peace.
Felt calm and one with my breath, definitely an amazing experience
I feel sleepy
Breathe in breathe out It’s necessary to pay attention of ours feelings and our body and take a time when it’s needed
Linda-Jean Jay
I learned that counting my breathing melts away stress! Wonderful to experience such deep calmness so quickly.
Monday Sept 13 Mornig Meditation
I learned that I am really sad about how Evelyn feels about me and the perceived coolness I feel from her. I learned that what she said to me at Ellen’s rehearsal dinner really hit hard and I am sad about it. She told me I was the worst mother ever and who does that to her daughter. She told me I asked her to leave the house. I’m sure I did. And I’m sure also that it was in response to something she likely said or did to me. She was so angry as a teen after and defiant. I did not know how to best parent her. We hurt each other. And I am so sad. I hope it can mend one day. I mourn the loss of connection to her. I so wish she knew how much I loved welcoming her into this world and being her mother. All for today.
Nov 1
Pleasantly surprised when my meditation popped up on my ohone. It just felt very gentle and 3 mins was perfect for a starting tiMe. Really glad I set it up