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Breathing In, Breathing Out (11 Min)

11 Min
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Pasha Lyndi
Movement, Meditation, Nature, Sleep
Overwhelmed, feeling stuck or in pain? This practice helps us accept and let go of struggling.
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6 reflections
Acceptance of strong emotions
This meditation is helpful right now because I am dealing with some work stressors. Remembering that it is OK to feel strong emotions. Breathing in acceptance of these feelings and breathing out and letting them go. I will use this technique to help me relieve my stress.
Found myself awake extremely early this morning. Don't know why! Noted that some Aura tribe members on the East Coast were awake and active, so I ended up goofing around in here reading current reflections and even delving into my own timeline of posts. Dove on in to this session!
After listening to this my mind was so clear. I had no worries! Very relaxing almost put me to sleep.
Great rerun from Lyndi
Not exactly what I was looking for in this evening’s Aura track, but helpfull none-the-less. Facing what could be a harrowing day tomorrow, laying in uncomfortable physical pain tonight. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll see my surgeon in follow up to the cancer surgery which took my right kidney away, along with, presumably, all the cancer in my body! If I've healed correctly, hopefully I’ll be able to have all these staples and bandages removed and start to live a more normal life again! Showering will be heavenly! Sleeping on my right side as well!
A little relief
This gave me a little bit of calm. The feelings aren't gone, but they seem smaller in my mind now.
Hi.. thank you for keeping track of me.... it is a lonely world and scary...
I went to bed anxious and woke up anxious... I saw your invitation after breakfast and dived into it... feel better now ... thank you... since my sleep was so interrupted last night... I am weak and tired.