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Breathing in an Intention for the Day

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
In these difficult times, it's easy to spiral into worry and forget what matters most - our guiding star of intention. What is your best intention for the day? you don't need to remember it all the time, no-one does, but by breathing it into your body it can make it easier to access. We feel more fulfilled when we act on our deepest intentions, rather than blindly reacting again and again.
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Guiding Star
Intentions are like guiding stars that can help direct us throughout our day. In this way, intentions bring us back into balance by reminding us what is important to us throughout our day. Sitting in my chair, I began breathing in my intention for the day: having wellness in my body and mind. As I continued to breath in this intention of mine deeply into my lungs, I could feel the rest of my body receiving it, as each cell of my body began to be awakened with excitement by this energy exchange. By breathing in my intention, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of well-being in my body and mind. By taking a few moments in the morning to breath in our intentions for our day, we set ourselves up to have a successful day. Success may be to have focus for the day or to even have peace for the day. Whatever our particular definition of a successful day is, one thing is for sure...we can always count on our intentions as being our guiding star. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Walter J
Jiva does a masterful job on this meditation! Her calming voice is balanced perfectly with non-talking periods to allow her words to both sink in and start to take effect. After considering a few words/phrases to use, I was moved to choose ‘Love’! So I started by breathing in Love for myself. Held that a moment as I experienced its warmth flowing into my lungs & filling my entire I slowly exhaled I felt a slight smile come to my face. Next, I breathed in Love for others. As I held that in I felt it’s warmth flow from my lungs throughout my whole body and out to my skin where it radiates out to others to feel its warmth. Then As I breathed out my excess Love, I felt the Universe breathing it in. As I kept breathing I eventually found the rhythm of breathing in Love for myself, holding & radiating Love for others and expressing/exchanging Love for/with the Universe on the exhale/inhale. It was actually much easier doing it & feeling it than writing about it. So excuse me while I stop writing & go make ‘Love’ with the world 😉!! ❤️👍🏼🍀
Lovely guide!
This was such a beautiful intention setter. Thanks for the guidance!!
Just getting here in this community, excited to find my way 🙏🏻
1st day
Feeling great after 7 mins of breathing Breathing, mind wondering, good feeling after have to write more lol
I feel hopeful and excited about possibilities for my future. I haven't felt this in a really long time.
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