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Breathing and Settling the Mind

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
The breath is our best friend in meditation, always there as a place to anchor the mind and allow thoughts, whether mundane or troubling, to not take center stage all the time, so a sense of peace can arise.
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10 reflections
Walter J
It’s kind of funny that I am listening to an expert to learn how to do something that I have done all my life... breathe without thinking! So it got me wondering why can I do this so easily when others seem to struggle with it so much?! I was raised in a religious family and went to church and Sunday school every week. This gave me a solid understanding of right & wrong and I developed a strong intimate relationship with (my) God. I can & do mentally talk directly with him a lot of the time. Being Omnipresent he is everywhere whenever I want to talk, being Omnipotent he has all power available to help me do any good I want to do, and being Omniscient he has access to all knowledge and can & will give me any answer I ask him for. All this is available to anyone who truly believes it is. I swam competitively for many years growing up and I believe my lungs developed a large capacity volume wise over those years. I think it was also during this time I learned to un-attach from thinking conscious thoughts and just be due to the long hours of swimming laps. I always thought I was the weird one because being able to Not focus on anything for extended periods of time seems to come more natural to me than thinking anxious & worrysome thoughts all the time like many people apparently seem to do. Apparently just another reason I call myself “The Luckiest Man Alive!” ❤️☮️🍀 P.S. I am not saying any of this to brag but to encourage everyone to think the thoughts they want to come true. What we think about we bring about.
Paying attention to breath
Part of paying attention to my breath, in this meditation, might include some exploration of my breath - what does it feel like? - and so forth. So it’s not so much clearing the mind (utterly impossible for me to do at this point) as focusing on one or two things - In breath and out breath - and discovering their nature.
Settling the Mind
I can’t give a real assessment of this lesson since I’ve only had about 5 hours of sleep over the last 2 days.😏I’m afraid that instead of concentrating on my breathing I had some micro dreams as my mind tried to make up for what I missed during the night.Even so, I will say that the narrator talked so much that I found it distracting.
Walter J
Redirecting ...
Great session to remind us to refocus on our breathing to stay Mindfull. The mind will tend to wander and become distracted with anything, so become aware of it and redirect it back to the breathe. This does become somewhat easier with practice as we build our awareness it is happening. ❤️☮️🍀
Very helpful
I am currently in a hospital environment with a lot of noise and distractions. So being reminded to reground my self with the breathe, was extremely helpful! Thank you!!
Settling The Mind
When you wake up and your mind is already flown ahead to all you have in your book to do today... this practice is wonderful. Thoughts will sneak in and out, sure, but anchoring and grounding with the breath really makes a busy day seem less daunting.
Breathing and settling the Breath
Mornings until recently have been a series of snoozing alarms and reminders, getting up last minute and starting the day with guilt and regret. Settling the breath, setting intensions and being present here now is a goldmine in facing my day in a positive way. I am new to this journey and can only see good in future mornings.
Core beliefs
I am worth I am loved I can succeed This should be listened to again with paper.
Settling the mind
My breath is always there as an anchor. Comforting. I used to have thoughts about what meditation is. Without any experience. I didn't think it sounded helpful or something for me. Obviously I was wrong. I feel better than I did an hour ago. You're just wonderful.
I felt understood…
Even though I know meditation is an exercise, it feels good to hear that it is okay if my mind wanders off, that it will happen, but I am the one in control of it. This session flew by so fast I wanted it to last longer. I continued meditating a few minutes after it ended and that doesn’t happen too often…
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