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Breathe to Find Grounding

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
This meditation invites you to find your ground first before you go about your daily life. Just like when you climb a hill, you find ground on each level. In the same way, while going on about your day, your intentional breathing can be your grounding for more joy and happiness.
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5 reflections
Getting back into it
I’ve not been caring for my emotional and mental health as best I can. Today I’m taking the steps again to restore that part of me. I deserve to be nurtured, I deserve to be cared for, I deserve to be loved. I am giving myself that love today and every day moving forward as best as I can.
Ground yourself
Before or during your daily routine, take time to ground yourself by taking deep breaths. Feel every sensation that each breath gives you. Understand that you are here, in the now, & that you being in the present is valuable. We are not doing anything if we continue to dwell in the past or even waste our lives away by thinking about the future. Be present.
To Keep Oneself Grounded
There are a few things that keep me grounded; I treat everyone and everything with kindness because kindness goes along way. Two; I keep myself calm and collected during a situation which always helps the situation. Three; take some time to yourself and your own mental health will be better. You will always know how to make yourself feel better and other people as well
Welcome Home
Welcoming the mind back home to the body, stronger as a team. Namaste
Small reminders
I learnt that small reminders, such as to bring the mind back to the body, can make a big difference.
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