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Breathe Out to Release

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
Each out-breath is a release, and we can consciously harness that to help the body let go of any tension it's carrying.
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I’m now a puddle
Relatively speaking, of course! As usual, my cat helped me meditate today, and having a purrmonster purring at me is pretty relaxing, so ... she hears the recording start and comes from wherever she is to get onto my lap and purr her fuzzy head off. 🙂
Rare extra day off
No duties, no real responsibilities, no school, no.appointments. Just going to do housework and stuff...not that these tasks I need to do aren't important or needed, just no huge rush to tackle or accomplish anything today! No pressure except where I make it. And I choose not to do so. Things will happen as they will...
Breathe Out to Release
This meditation teaches you to let go of any tension with every out breath. As you exhale, say to yourself, breathing out...release. A good meditation for any time of the day and a good reminder to try and let go of any tension with every out breath.
Breathing out release
I learned I can release tension in my body by focusing on my breathing, and telling myself “breathing out release,“ on my exhale. I also learned how dwelling on tension amplifies it. As I was doing this practice, I had a lot of tension in my body. I found this meditation very effective in helping to release it. Thank you
What a beautiful practice. I never release just how much I am holding
Calm before bed
I felt the tension leave my body so much so that it made me want to move and break concentration but I am learning to sit through the discomfort of wanting to fidget.
Breathe Out To Release
I felt my shoulders, chest and stomach soften. Thank you 🙏❤️🤍💛
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