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Breathe Love In

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Alyssa Luboff, Ph.D.
Philosopher & Meditation Guide
Use your breath to call more love and abundance into your life. Through the breath, we are in constant exchange with the world around us. Whereas not everything around us feels like it has our best interests in mind, there are sources of unconditional love and healthy flow that we can connect with using our intention and the breath. The more we call these into our lives, the more we find wholeness, healing, and blessings.
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Breathe Love In
Invigorating meditation. Woke up a little down. The ghosts of my past are still haunting me. I’m fighting the good battle but many days I lose. Practiceing Tai Chi, Qigong , meditations, I pray see a therapist, accurapuncturist, & will be starting Medical Qigong. This meditation took me to a higher place. Wonderful way to start my day with the pink light. 💕
Breathing Love In
A ease into the start of my day, supporting me balance and nurture every piece of my being.