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Breathe for More Energy

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This guided breathing practice invites the listener to tune into the breath, and then very slightly start to increase the inhale breath, to increase the level of energy and focus present in the body. This simple but highly effective breath can be used anytime you need a little "pick me up" throughout the day.
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Notice the depth and range of your breath. Bring your breath back when it wanders off. Relax your body
Walter J
This is one of my favorite ways to revitalize myself anytime I feel tired or sluggish or need to pay more attention. Consciously breathing in @ least 3 deeper, longer breathes, holding for a 3-count and fully exhaling. I add a another 3-count after exhaling before breathing in again. Quick & simple way of getting more oxygen to your body and brain, like right now! Wakes you up instantly - refreshes the brain, revitalizes the body and Re-energizes your soul. With no calories, no cost and all healthy side effects… I find myself doing it more often!! Breath on!! ❤️🙏🏼🍀
Extending the Inhale
Our inhale is invigorating! Therefore, one of the quickest ways to naturally feel energized is to extend the inhale. On the side of my bed, I brought awareness to my breath. Just watching the natural ebb and flow of my breath, I felt my body and mind relax. I began to bring increased awareness to my inhale. Filling myself up with this vital life force energy, I felt my body and mind slowly wake up. Then I began to take an extra sip of air and hold my breath for a few beats. I allowed my exhale to gently release on its own. Continuing to take these extra sips of air on my inhale and holding it for a few beats without straining myself, I felt my body and mind becoming more and more energized. Extending the Inhale, I am focused. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I feel more relaxed
Small practices can have a huge impact on my well being. I notice the tension in my shoulders and neck. I have abandoned my motivation to practice healthy habits. I have focused on the negative too much. I am ready for big changes. I am ready to free myself from the anger and pain that I’ve carried around for years.
Extra sip
I noticed giving each breath a tiny sip more of oxygen is invigorating.
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