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Breathe and Settle

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Lauren Ziegler
Sleep Coach and Yoga Therapist
This is a session using the breath - an approach that has been proven to make positive changes in our brains. Get some technical guidance here on how to do this, along with visualization to make it an interesting experience. You can dive as deep into relaxation as you choose as you release and settle tension in your body. More from your guide and friend, Lauren, at
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11 reflections
Walter J
Healing Breathe
What a marvelous meditation! Seeing my colorful breathe permeate the tightness in my shoulder as an orange cloud and then feeling the release of the tightness as the cloud picked up the negatives, turned purple and floated away. My shoulder is much more flexible and nearly painless! I will definitely do this one again. My breathing helps me return to perfect health! (A very Powerful Affirmation)
Like ocean waves
Breathing deeply and noting that my tension is centered across my shoulders (as usual), I imagined crystal blue waves washing over the shoulders, allowing them to relax and drop. Immediate relief! This is a wonderful meditation for focusing and renewal. 🙏
Lauren Rules
God Bless You Lauren Ziegler and your perfect DICTION!! Thanks for pronouncing EVERY consonant ;).
Settle for sure!
This session was heavenly. Relaxation came so easily. I will most definitely come back to this one. Thank you Lauren for another outstanding meditation.
This was helpful for my migraine. It helped to distract some from the pain.
our breathing fills us with color and light. we are magic and we are all goddesses
Healing Blue Breath 💙
I didn’t realize how much tension I had in my body. I thought I was relaxed before I started this session but, almost immediately I realized that I was wrong. My breath was blue, not because it’s my favorite color but because it’s a healing color. I breathed blue into my head and down my neck into my shoulders and into my lungs. It traveled down to my lower back where I had some pain. It lingered until the pain subsided 💙😇
Visualizing Breath
Putting a color to your breath and realizing where it goes in your body can help to penetrate areas with bad feels and exhale them away.
stars glitter silently between pines
an early riser flutters in the woods “pee-yaw, pee-yaw” a soft thud more fluttering a distant neighbor’s rooster crows the day the swoosh of tires on the highway cold air is still the lone rooster echoes once more
Mindful moments
I could breathe into the painful area and actually feel it soften. I miss my headphones as I am more easily distracted without them
Settling in to the present moment
It’s difficult for me to sit completely still in the morning. Even when I have plenty of time to get ready, my mind pulls me in a million directions, resulting in a not-so-relaxed start to my day. Practicing sitting still, simply checking in with myself is something I hope to keep trying this week.
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