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Breath Sensing

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This five minute guided meditation will help quiet your mind and settle your nervous system by paying attention to your breath. Breath sensing is an effective way to calm down and refocus, and can be used anytime, anywhere, to return to your center.
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8 reflections
I had trouble staying with this meditation but it was relaxing and maybe all I needed.
It's okay when it's not "perfect"
Right now 7 minutes is good enough. I'll move on when I'm ready.
7 minutes can go by so quickly when I just focus on the sensations of breath in my body!
A great breath of awareness
This meditation may only be 5 and a half minutes, but it's the breathing and the focus on the breath that counts.
Here I am relaxing at the end of my day. Today was very relaxing I could actually hear myself breathing. My family and I were out enjoying the entire day evening up until just now. My children had a blast such a good feeling when each one of your children are enjoying themselves at the same place different ways. My husband and I got to seat watch and relax while our children were doing their own thing in the same area where we were. I got to close my eyes leaning on my husband and listen to myself breathing I even got a chance to hear his heartbeat as I was leaning on his chest. The best thing is when your children all are Happy together. I Thank God for today and everyday that I get a chance to spend with my Family. I'm going to lay down and listen to my breathing put me to sleep. My family has all beat me to sleep as always. Sweet Dreams World 🌎
Walter J
Just woke up and did this meditation and I have to admit... my mind was pretty much blank the whole time. I am thankful as I will take that as a positive versus thinking there is a problem, like I am brain dead or something. I always enjoy looking for the bright side of a situation anyway. Most people can see the negative, even in a good situation. I have trained myself to always look for the silver lining. Helps keep me more positive! Hope everyone has their best day ever! Why not today right!?! ❤️☮️🍀
Normally really enjoy Cassandra’s sessions (GREAT voice!), but the gong at the end of this one was unexpected and jarring to me! My youngest daughter is pushing all boundaries lately, and I've been struggling this evening with trying to get her to finish today’s homework assignment! Had a long conversation by text and phone with her teacher this evening trying to formulate some sort of plan to get her on track and keep her there...
This was wonderful way to enjoy my breath and relax. The gong startled me however. Maybe chimes or softer gong would be better...? I still love this mediation.