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Breath of Life Practice

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
This 30 minute practice has been called “a workout for the mind and Soul” by many practitioners. It is one of the most powerful breath practice in my Meditation Mastery collection. It is a journey like no other. Enjoy!
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9 reflections
Guðbjörg Glóð
This is easy yet very powerful meditation. His voice is my favorite of all the voices i’ve listen to so far. I had a inside change/shift after this session. Letting old out, filling up with new and fresh energy.
Cowabunga Bradley!
Great meditation man - truly beautiful and powerful! Thanks so much!
Work-to-evening practice
This is a simple and profound practice. I’ve been struggling with having enough energy after work to fully enjoy and live my life, and after doing this session once, I think I want to work with it for a few days this week after work and see if it will shift things for me. I really do feel my cells tingling! 💖 Thank you!
Full of Life
Wow, what an incredible session!!! I experienced this one laying in my hammock in my backyard to soak in all the earth’s energy. The different breathing techniques Bradley takes you through helps release any old negative energy that no longer serves you and breathe in new energy to energize your body and mind. Through out this session The ball of light was giving my body new life and nourishing my spirit. I feel alive, full of gratitude for the power of healing within, the beauty Mother Nature has surrounded me with, and a heart full of love. This will be another meditation I will be revisiting. Namaste! Sending light out there for anyone who needs it today.❤️ to all of you!!
Powerful Creator
We often get stuck in life because we do not realize that it is our own limitations, our own limiting beliefs, that are holding us back. In this very powerful meditation, Bradley has us breathe in life, letting go of any and all energy that no longer serves us and then breathe in new energy so we can feel our true potential and be reminded that we are in fact, the powerful creator in our life. Sitting in my chair, I became aware of my inner world by focusing on my breath. Following Bradley’s guidance, I began to visualize a ball of light moving from the base of my spine to the top of my head on my in breath and moving back down to the base of my spine on my out breath. With each new inhale and exhale, this ball of light began to get brighter. As I began to breathe more deeply, this ball of light began to extend from deep within the Earth, through my entire body and tapping into a window of the Source high above my head. Tapping into this Source energy, I became connected, grounded and full of light. Being full of light, I began to be aware of any uncomfortable sensations in my body. With each breath, this light went to those areas and released any energy that was ready to be released. Beginning a new breathing technique, I began to take in new energy and feed my cells with new life. I sensed a smile on my face as I sat with my body pulsating and feeling the gratitude of being alive. In this inner space, I feel my true potential! In this inner space, I feel the Joy of Being! In this inner space, I Am indeed, a powerful creator! Thank you Bradley for this cleansing, refreshing and inspirational experience! I will definitely be listening often! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Thank you Bradley for this. It helped bring me out of a place/state I should not have been in.
A big feeling that I got a lot before today where I feel little shocks to my entire body but mostly lungs It used to scare me, I think cowabunga breathing is a great term
I learned that That feeling is healing and energy moving. And it’s a good thing
Light and love
Tapping into your source energy and learning to control and truly experience it is a powerful tool. We are powerful beyond measure but need to remember to keep that energy grounded as well as high. I felt a huge amount of space and light that was a reminder to hold space for others, especially if you are in abundance. Namaste
Marques Pizarro
Sharper, energized, renewed
I feel more present and appreciative of every moment in life. No matter how big or small. I’m alive. I’m enough. I honor myself by believing in myself, and doing what is aligned with my core values. I am blessed. Namaste.
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