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Breath Like Ocean Waves

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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
When we meditate, it helps to have a peaceful anchor for our attention. In this meditation, you are invited to imagine your breath flowing in and out of your body with the rhythm of ocean waves. Wishing you a restorative practice.
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breathe like ocean waves
This session helped me remember that each breath is unique, like the waves on a beach. Mindfulness starts with a simple focus on just One single breath at a time. So much in life is the same... Numbers, Notes, Chords It is amazing what can be done with just three. Or even just one. Variations on a simple, singular theme have infinite possibilities if performed with focused, passionate dedication. Advanced musicians who practice hours each day often spend a good portion of time simply repeating scales and progressions. I remember a story someone told me about a master, world class violinist who spent the first week of each new year practicing just one note. Think of that for a moment. An artist capable of playing the most complex music in the world begins each new year spending an entire week playing just one note over and over again. Why? Because music, just like mathematics, builds on a foundation that is comprised of simple truth. It cannot be rushed. It cannot be faked. And even the most complex masterpiece or advanced number system begins with just one number, one note, one chord, one breath... “The art of art, the glory of expression and the sunshine of the light of letters, is simplicity.” - W.W.
Breath Like Ocean Waves
The ocean imagery is so peaceful and nourishing for me. I often rely on it in stressful I just need to remember to breathe🙏🏻
My happy place/duality
The beach has always been my happy place, ever since I was a child. I grew up very close to one, hence why I go there when I need to in my mind. I learnt that everything breathes. From our own breath, to the movement of the waves to even the cycle of day and night or sunshine and rain. Everything has an inhale and exhale. A pull and a push, yin and yang. But both sides of the duality must exist and cycle for balance and order. Duality is a cycle of constant, predictable change.
I can take this time for myself. But that this also makes me homesick. Took me back to being on the beach taking it all in after a long day of swimming and soaking in the sun. Made me feel happy.
Hmmmm 🤔
I was attracted to this meditation because I like the connection of the rhythm of our breathing, heartbeat and ocean waves. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. I felt the meditation could have been enhanced by the gentle sound of the ocean waves in the background. For those who appreciate a silent background, this meditation might be for you.
Breath like the waves
I learned to visualize my breaths along with ocean waves which helps me sync my breaths with calmness
Calm yourself down before listening
Ocean breaths
Instead of breathing in with the waves coming in, I breathed with the waves receding because when I visualise a wave breaking, I feel like it is releasing. So when the wave breaks and comes ashore, I exhale.